Posted: 05.12.2023 10:16:00

MP: it’s time for the world to hear Belarus’ President and stop financing wars

A striking speech of the President of Belarus, Aleksandr Lukashenko, at the Word Climate Action Summit in the UAE is actually a call for the prudence of the entire world community – as noted by Irina Starovoitova, the Chairperson of the Standing Commission of the Council of the Republic on Education, Science, Culture and Social Development

“The time has come to act, and not to show imaginary concern for the future of the planet, while intensifying confrontation and unleashing wars,” the MP stressed. “The Head of State focused on simple, obvious truths: the Earth is our common home, we are united in the face of global challenges, it is necessary to respect the laws of nature and create a basis for procreation. These ideas could have united the entire world community if a number of countries did not view them as empty slogans, followed not by providing real assistance in the development of countries' economies and mutually beneficial co-operation, but by the thirst for profit, the superiority of those who provoke and incite military conflicts.”

According to Ms. Starovoitova, if the UAE forum really aimed to take concrete steps to restore peaceful existence on the planet through solving global problems, then the time has come to hear Belarus’ President and stop financing wars, strengthen support for developing countries and the economies in transition.