Posted: 06.12.2023 10:16:00

Kochanova on Lukashenko's speech at World Climate Action Summit: he did something that others would never have dared to

The strong speech of President Aleksandr Lukashenko at the World Climate Action Summit in Dubai did not leave any Belarusians indifferent, and – as stated by the Chairperson of the Council of the Republic, Natalya Kochanova, in her commentary for the SB. Belarus Segodnya – the Belarusian leader boldly and openly stands up for global values and humanity as a whole

“I am convinced that we are all impressed by the strong, vivid and, most importantly, strategic speech of the President of Belarus, highly respected Aleksandr Grigorievich Lukashenko, at the plenary session of the World Climate Action Summit. Actually, in his appeal to the world community, the Head of State not only voiced Belarus’ approaches and proposals to address global issues of climate and environmental security, but also clearly explained the root causes of the main environmental problems – doing that in a well-argued manner,” Ms. Kochanova said.

As noted by the Chairperson of the Council of the Republic, the Belarusian leader’s speech was truly special and even historical – not only because it took place in the presence of the leaders of almost all countries of the world. “Aleksandr Grigorievich added a new dimension to that international event, actually making it a platform for the protection of all mankind and the proclamation of an anti-war strategy for its development,” she said, adding, “It is not surprising that the audience gave a standing ovation to the Belarusian President's speech – for his honesty, openness and courage to tell the truth to the face of the main geopolitical manipulators and harshly criticise their immensely inflated ambitions, for the ability to do what others would have never dared – to challenge the international order built on lies and oppression, to stand up for developing countries. I think this is a bid for leadership in the global anti-colonial movement. No doubt these words have resonated in the hearts of millions of people in the countries where this injustice is common. While Belarus’ President spoke frankly, the western leaders cynically and hypocritically used the language of bureaucracy to confuse people once again. Actually, society has matured a long time ago, and it can no longer be deceived.”

Ms. Kochanova continued, “Once again, everyone was convinced of the magnitude of the Belarusian leader’s personality. Largely due to the wisdom, foresight, indomitable political will and strength of spirit of our President, Belarus is known in the world as a truly sovereign state that goes its own way, makes life-based decisions, takes care of people and natural resources, and respects the laws. This is our peace programme, which we invariably offer to the entire world community.”

“By itself, Belarus' participation in the World Climate Action Summit is fundamentally important: it demonstrates the country’s’ readiness to participate in a global dialogue and develop international co-operation. This is the only way humanity will be able to save our common home, planet Earth, and preserve itself, guaranteeing the right to future generations,” the Chairperson of the Council of the Republic stressed.