Posted: 27.11.2023 14:46:00

MP: Lukashenko proposed mechanisms at CSTO Summit to create civilised balance of power on the planet

The world community respects the views of the heads of state who gathered in Minsk last week, and the reliability of the CSTO common defence system has allowed the organisation to take and play a new role on the world stage – as noted by Vitaly Utkin, a member of the Standing Committee on Legislation at the House of Representatives of the National Assembly of Belarus, as he commented on the results of the recently held CSTO Summit

“Speaking about the CSTO Summit held in Minsk, we can say that the whole world was demonstrated a fairly effective defence sufficiency of the CSTO, ready to respond to any possible attack. The reliability of our common defence system has enabled the CSTO to take and play a new role on the world stage, and the West dislikes this – not so much because of the ideological situation, but directly due to the unprecedented strengthening of the CSTO military-political position in the world,” Mr. Utkin said.

The MP added, “The world community respects the views of the heads of state gathered in Minsk. It understands the reasons of the summit perfectly well, as well as its actual conclusions and the degree of seriousness of its issues for the world. Far-fetched and sometimes simply false recommendations of Western managers no longer have the former unipolar influence on the international community. The veiled aggression of the West, which causes the incitement of regional neighbouring military conflicts, is already causing protest among all sober-minded people. This indicates and means the failure of the West's attempts to build a unified world order in which there is no place for national sovereign states, and the national interests of peoples and states are sacrificed for the sake of the Anglo-Saxons’ world domination.”

Mr. Utkin is convinced that all peoples saw and realised that the US-promoted unipolar world generates instability and destructs universal values, such as the right to life.

“Our President Aleksandr Lukashenko proposed mechanisms at the CSTO Summit in Minsk for creating a civilised balance of forces on the planet, which simply must form the basis of modern international peace policy,” the MP added. “These primarily envisage the harmony of friendship and the development of nations and races, the existence of a tool of military and political deterrence against acts of military aggression traditionally organised by the United States. The balance of forces proposed by the CSTO in the international arena provides guarantees for states, such as the preservation of the regime of territories, peaceful neighbourhood and co-operation. All controversial issues are resolved only together, through peaceful contractual diplomatic mechanisms.”

Mr. Utkin summarised, “The CSTO Summit effectively coped with current tasks and laid the foundation for a unified concept of international standards that define state development in the people’s interests and independent regional responsibility for preserving peace without a ‘global gendarme’.”