Lebedev: Ukraine de jure remains part of CIS, but withdrew from about 20% of agreements

... remains a part of the CIS, but the Ukrainian leadership has ... the agreements within the CIS – as stated by CIS Secretary General Sergei ... of Permanent Plenipotentiaries of the CIS Member States at the Statutory ... bodies and sectoral councils.” The CIS Secretary General expressed the hope ...

CIS , Lebedev , Ukraine

Lukashenko: CIS activity gaining particular importance for regional security and stability

... the 30th anniversary of the CIS Charter signing. I fully share ... a significant contribution to the CIS further strengthening, improving the well ...

cis , Lukashenko

CIS experts discussed co-operation in the area of deradicalisation

The CIS headquarters has hosted a meeting ... of co-operation between the CIS member states in the field ... service of the CIS Executive Committee Photo: The ... , Kazakhstan, Russia, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, the CIS Anti-Terrorism Centre, the International ... Radio Company Mir and the CIS Executive Committee. The draft programme ... the amendments received from the CIS states and interested bodies, and ... consideration by the Council of CIS Heads of State.

CIS , co-operation , deradicalisation

Opinion: CIS states can jointly resist collective West

... in order to weaken the CIS region, and efforts need to ... association: the Union State, the CIS, the EAEU. Since 2017, various ... fighting against Russia and each CIS member. We will be weak ...

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Lukashenko, Putin arrived together at Russian Museum in St. Petersburg

... reported, the day before the CIS leaders met during an informal ... of the leaders of the CIS states. In general, the conversation ... seven hours. Communication between the CIS heads of state continues on ...

Lukashenko , Putin , CIS

CSTO Secretary General, Head of CIS Anti-Terrorist Centre discussed joint exercises

... with the Head of the CIS Anti-Terrorist Centre, Yevgeny Sysoyev ... the CSTO Secretariat and the CIS Anti-Terrorist Centre in the ... on the basis of the CIS Anti-Terrorist Centre and in ...

csto , CIS

Tokayev: CIS needs to work to remove barriers in trade and prevent protectionism

... and preventing protectionism in the CIS – as noted by the President ... -Jomart Tokayev, at the informal CIS summit in St. Petersburg, BelTA ... of Kazakhstan, who chaired the CIS in 2022, outlined one of ... food security issues, and a CIS ministerial conference – scheduled to be ... and logistics projects in the CIS. Kassym-Jomart Tokayev also spoke ... its potential and strengthen the CIS positions in the international arena ...

Tokayev , CIS

Putin: CIS informal summit indicates countries’ desire to further build co-operation

... to the desire of the CIS member states to continue building ... leader expressed gratitude to the CIS heads of state for accepting ... build co-operation in the CIS in the spirit of genuine ... Russia, co-operation between the CIS states has been developing successfully ... Russian leader stated that the CIS countries have become more active ... have been taken by the CIS. As a result, the economic ... . Considering that Kazakhstan chaired the CIS in 2022, he summed up ... Putin in honour of the CIS leaders.

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Lukashenko's forecast: 2023 will be the happiest and most successful

... at an informal meeting of CIS leaders, BelTA reports photo: www ...

Lukashenko , CIS

Lukashenko to attend informal meeting of CIS leaders in St. Petersburg

... an informal meeting of the CIS heads of state on December ... and ordinary citizens of the CIS. In St. Petersburg, the heads ... most relevant areas for the CIS. As the Chairman of the ... CIS Executive Committee, Sergei Lebedev, noted, ... in the format of the CIS was in Astana, on October ... most diverse provocations around the CIS perimeter, and the recent events ... of mutual support among the CIS partners in a number of ...

Lukashenko , cis , informal summit

Belarus’ PM to Western leaders: decisions should be made to meet the interests of the whole planet

Western leaders need to remember that they should not be engaged in imposing their will on other countries, but in making decisions in the interests of the whole planet – as stated by Belarus’ Prime Minister Roman Golovchenko in his talk with the Belarus 1 TV channel, BelTA reports Photo: Belarus 1 video screenshot "I would like to ask Western leaders about when they will have the idea that they need to get out of the state of permanent confrontation, stop imposing their own way of ...

golovchenko , cis

Lukashenko arrived in St. Petersburg to take part in CIS informal summit

... an informal meeting of the CIS heads of state on December ...

Lukashenko , CIS

Cosmonaut Training Centre and CIS informal summit. Lukashenko to make a working visit to Russia

... an informal summit of the CIS heads of state to be ... most relevant areas for the CIS.

Lukashenko , Russia , CIS

Minsk’s sports infrastructure ready for II CIS Games

... ready to host the II CIS Games in 2023 – as stated ... STV TV channel The II CIS Games will be held in ... Games. As for the II CIS Games, it is planned to ... take part in the II CIS Games.

cis , games , sports , Minsk

CIS interaction with European organisations discussed in Minsk

... consultations on interaction of the CIS member states in the OSCE ... organisations were held at the CIS headquarters in Minsk – as reported ... the press service of the CIS Executive Committee Photo: www.belta ... , Russia, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and the CIS Executive Committee. At the meeting ... and field activities in the CIS states. The diplomats agreed to ... the EU policy within the CIS space and the state of ... relations between the CIS member states and NATO.

CIS , OSCE , NATO , European organisations , ministerial consultations

Golovchenko invited SCO athletes to participate in II CIS Games

... fans to attend the II CIS Games scheduled to be held ...

sco , golovchenko , games , CIS

Kochanova honoured with CIS IPA medal

... Friendship gold medal of the CIS Interparliamentary Assembly and the Mir ... the Chairperson of the IPA CIS Council, Valentina Matvienko. Natalya Kochanova ... contribution to formation of the CIS information space. The award ceremony ... side-lines of the IPA CIS Council meeting in Samarkand (Uzbekistan ...

kochanova , CIS

Golovchenko: collective West created prerequisites for global economic crisis

... at a meeting of the CIS Heads of Government Council in ...

golovchenko , cis , West

CIS leaders inspired by idea to organise Friendship Sports Games

... summit in Astana, the CIS heads of state supported the ... narrow-format meeting of the CIS Council of Heads of ... the new Games with the CIS Games, which were recently ... “The executive committee [of the CIS] should tackle this issue, taking ... a film festival in the CIS with the presentation of ... , and to bestow a CIS award in the field of ... an initiative to organise a CIS chess championship, to which ... be the organiser [of the CIS Games] in this case. ... in Kyrgyzstan [at the next CIS summit in October 2023],” ...

Lukashenko , CIS

Lukashenko: neither Belarus nor Russia wants any escalation, we are just defending ourselves

The President of Belarus, Aleksandr Lukashenko, underlines that neither Belarus nor Russia wants the current situation to escalate, but the two states are forced to respond to the actions of the West and defend themselves. He stated this in Astana, answering a question from Russian journalists, BelTA reports. Photo: Answering the question whether the Belarusian Head of State is afraid of an escalation, Aleksandr Lukashenko said, “I’m afraid. I would not want this escalation to ...

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