Expert’s forecast on solving food insecurity in poor countries

... , the World Bank and the UN World Food Programme, presented special ... on food exports. REFERENCE The UN has estimated that the number ...

food shortage , hunger , UN

UN report: one in five migratory species at risk of extinction

... human interference, according to the UN first-ever World’s Migratory ... animals listed under the 1979 UN Convention on the Conservation of ...

UN , migration , extinction

We pay more and fight more

... of the organisation. All other UN budgets, programmes and other black ... who will decide anything. The UN Secretariat employs about 40 thousand ... . The maximum contribution to the UN regular budget is currently limited ... , Somalia and Venezuela. But the UN always provides for loopholes, and ... , became the founders of the UN. Accordingly, they also had obligations ... BSSR’s contributions to the UN budget exceeded $2 million. Independent ... ever-increasing amounts that the UN demands from countries are associated ...

world , UN , finance , budget

UN said it unable to provide Gaza with everything it needs alone

UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres said ... goods. According to him, the UN is not able to provide ... essential goods. He said the UN and humanitarian partners alone could ... to the entire population. The UN Chief added that all parties ...

UN , Gaza Strip , Guterres

UN requests $4.2bn to support Ukraine and refugees

... photo: www.reuters.com The UN Office for the Co-ordination ... 2024. The Office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR ...

UN , Ukraine , refugees

Nebenzia: West divides civilians into important and unimportant

... Nations Vassily Nebenzia during the UN Security Council meeting, TASS reports ...

Russia , UN , Nebenzia , West

UN said only 14% of Ukrainian refugees in Europe plan to return to homeland

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) spokesman Matthew Saltmarsh said only 14 percent of the 5.9 million Ukrainian refugees in Europe plan to return to their homeland, RIA Novosti reports Photo: www.freepik.com Matthew Saltmarsh noted that a series of polls of refugees highlighted the problems faced by Ukrainians. According to the survey, the majority hopes to return to Ukraine one day, but only 14 percent plan to do so in the coming months. Security issues remain of paramount ...

UN , Ukraine , refugees

Polyanskiy: UN began to realise Kiev’s regime rotten insides and West’s cynicism

... 2023, many countries in the UN began to realise the ‘rotten ... a solution. Many of our UN colleagues began to realise the ... Representative of Russia to the UN also said that he receives ... are ready to join the UN Security Council meetings convened by ...

Russia , UN , West , Ukraine

Opinion: many international organisations today unable to properly perform their functions

... situation has changed. The same UN cannot be currently perceived as ...

opinion , Shevtsov , international organisations , UN

UN: half of Gazans suffer from hunger

The UN Office for the Co-ordination ...

Gaza , UN , hunger

UN General Assembly adopted Russian resolution on combating glorification of Nazism

The UN General Assembly has adopted a ...

russia , un , nazism

UN: global trade to drop by 5% in 2023

The UN said that global trade volume ... quarters of 2023’. According to UN forecasts, global trade in 2023 ... forecast remains very pessimistic. The UN said geopolitical tensions, high debt ...

Un , global trade , economy

G7 urged to deprive N. Korea of weapons of mass destruction and ballistic missiles

... and flagrant violation of relevant UN Security Council (UNSC) resolutions ...

G7 , DPRK , UN

Belskaya: Belarus provides all necessary support to forced migrants and refugees from Ukraine

... Representative of Belarus to the UN Office and other international organisations ... , which is part of the UN system. photo: www.geneva.mfa ... to the IOM and other UN agencies for their support and ...

Belskaya , Belarus , UN , IOM , refugees , migrants

UN experts: Israel's war in Gaza could escalate into genocide of Palestinians if fire not stopped

... in the statement of 18 UN special rapporteurs distributed by the ... Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights ...

un , gaza , genocide , palestine

FAO Council members urge US and EU to immediately lift sanctions on food and fertilisers

... and fertilisers that violate the UN Charter – as reported by the ...

FAO , sanctions , Belarus , China , Cuba , Venezuela , US , EU , UN

UN Chief said goals of climate agreement cannot be achieved without abandoning fossil fuels

... fossil fuels – as noted by UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres, TASS ... of the Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change ... , the UN Secretary General noted, “1.5 ... your companies,” he added. The UN Secretary General believes that governments ... subsidies for fossil fuels’. The UN Chief added that the global ...

UN , Guterres , climate

Opinion: transformation of global system of relationships should be smooth

... of all, this is the UN system, which also needs modernisation ...

expert , lazorkina , UN , transformation , world system

Nebenzia: Syria on verge of being drawn into Middle East conflict

... ’s Permanent Representative to the UN Vassily Nebenzia, TASS reports photo ... at a meeting of the UN Security Council, which was dedicated ... with the assistance of the UN’.

Nebenzia , Syria , Russia , UN , Palestine , Israel

Lavrov: UN needs to adapt to new realities

... world exists: the UN Charter. However, the UN needs to carefully adapt ... lack of representation in the UN Security Council,” said the Russian ... in the size of the UN Security Council,” added Sergei Lavrov ...

Lavrov , UN , multipolarity

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