Belarus’ Deputy FM: Western Europe became key factor in global food crisis

... the global achievement of the SDGs questionable,” he said. According to ... moved much closer to the SDGs without these Western self-restrictions ...

un , SDGs , western europe , Ambrazevich , Belarus

Ambrazevich: Belarus’ SDG performance indicators significantly exceed world average

... United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are reliable and efficient partnerships ... Co-ordinator for Achieving the SDGs in the Republic of Belarus ...

Belarus , foreign ministry , Ambrazevich , SDGs

Kochanova: Belarus will promote SDGs at SCO, BRICS, EAEU and CIS platforms

... create conditions under which the SDGs can be achieved. “All international ...

kochanova , Belarus , SDGs , SCO , BRICS , EAEU , CIS

Belarus updated plan to develop standards for SDGs implementation

... country aimed at implementing the SDGs. In 2023, work is underway ...

Belarus , SDGs , Gosstandart

Brantsevich: purposeful work underway in Belarus to achieve SDGs

... the Context of Achieving the SDGs conference, held in the Brest ...

Belarus , economy ministry , SDGs

Ambrazevich at UN: sustainable peace is main condition for sustainable development

... of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), but also the existence of ... accelerate the achievement of the SDGs is doomed to failure,” Yuri ...

UN , SDGs , Belarus , Ambrazevich

Belarus to receive $3.5m in technical assistance to achieve SDGs

... to Belarus to achieve the SDGs as part of the Supporting ... for further adaptation of the SDGs to Belarus’ conditions, “It envisages ... evaluation indicators in achieving the SDGs, involving as many of our ... – supporting Belarus' achievement of the SDGs.” As noted by the official ...

SDGs , Belsky , Belarus , technical assistance

Expert commented on Lukashenko's invitation to UN SDG Summit: Belarus has done much for world community

The Republic of Belarus has always adhered to the norms of international law – as stated by political expert Vadim Borovik while commenting on the invitation sent to the President of Belarus, Aleksandr Lukashenko, by UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres to take part in the SDG Summit in September 2023 “We have always been open to co-operation with all international organisations – including regional and global, such as the UN,” the expert said. “The Belarusian Soviet Socialist Republic was ...

President , un , SDGs

Just world order, sanctions weapons and sustainable development. Lukashenko sent letter to Guterres in response to invitation to SDG Summit

... efforts aimed at implementing the SDGs. Nevertheless, the envisaged transformations remain ... a turning point for the SDGs," the UN Secretary General ... the way to achieving the SDGs, "You quite correctly noted ... destroy progress in achieving the SDGs. How can poverty and hunger ...

Lukashenko , Guterres , un , SDGs

UN Regional Director: Belarus' experience in achieving SDGs can serve as an example for Europe

Belarus has achieved many indicators of the Sustainable Development Goals and should be more ambitious in setting new ones – as stated by Gwi Yeop Son, the Regional Director for Europe and Central Asia of the UN Development Co-operation Office, during her meeting with the Deputy Chairman of the Council of the Republic of the National Assembly, National Co-ordinator for Achieving Sustainable Development Goals, Valery Belsky The Regional Director noted that she had held two productive meetings ...

SDGs , un , Belarus

Ambrazevich: Belarus intends to further achieve SDGs despite sanctions

... our country in achieving the SDGs is estimated as high as ...

Belarus , Foreign Ministry , SDGs

UN ready to support Belarus

... an interim result of the SDGs achievement last year. The National ... implementation of the environment-related SDGs. Moreover, priority directions of the ...


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