Posted: 07.06.2023 15:08:00

Belarus to receive $3.5m in technical assistance to achieve SDGs

Russia will allocate $3.5m of technical assistance to Belarus to achieve the SDGs as part of the Supporting Belarus’ Efforts in Nationalisation and Localisation of Sustainable Development Goals – as informed by the Deputy Chairman of the Council of the Republic of the National Assembly, National Co-ordinator for Achieving Sustainable Development Goals, Valery Belsky

Mr. Besky said that the project provides for further adaptation of the SDGs to Belarus’ conditions, “It envisages the expansion of partnership of civil society, public administration bodies with structures responsible for the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals.” He added that the project – which will last until December 31st, 2025 – is broad and adaptive, “We are now concentrating on the issues of training, improving evaluation indicators in achieving the SDGs, involving as many of our citizens as possible in this work. The project is adaptive, it can change. Its format and regulations imply the possibility of adjustment.”

Mr. Belsky noted the importance of launching such a project, “After the introduction of sanctions, the assistance in certain areas of socio-economic development, which we needed, practically stopped. We are talking, for example, about such important things as the elimination of the consequences of the Chernobyl accident. In this regard, this project is significant because such support is being renewed. We know that the Russian Federation acts as the donor of this project, and I hope others will also follow this example – supporting Belarus' achievement of the SDGs.”

As noted by the official, Belarus is fulfilling the Sustainable Development Goals very well. “Great progress in this matter is also recognised by our partners and neighbours. We are a country with a high level of human development. Most of the global goals are not barriers for us. We have practically overcome the problems that trouble the world: i.e. hunger related. We also enjoy a stable ecological situation and a great progress in this area," Mr. Belsky stressed.

The stability of the Belarusian economy under the stress caused by sanctions proves once again that the socio-economic model and the path chosen by Belarus thirty years ago is correct and effective. As noted by the National Co-ordinator, the situation will develop even more favourably in the future.