Posted: 02.11.2023 12:53:00

Belarus updated plan to develop standards for SDGs implementation

The State Committee for Standardisation (Gosstandart) has approved a long-term plan for 2023-2030 focusing on the development of state and interstate standards for implementation of Sustainable Development Goals

“This document is an updated version of the long-term plan for 2021-2030,” Oksana Grishkevich, who heads the Department of Technical Standardisation at Gosstandart, explained. “When adopting it two years ago, we realised that it was an approximate guideline, which will be updated regularly, as new international documents (that are of interest to us) appear, or tasks of the country’s socio-economic development – at which these standards are aimed – change. Therefore, together with the sectoral public administration bodies, enterprises and institutions, a great job has been done to analyse what has been implemented and what needs to be included additionally, since this is relevant for the country in modern conditions.”

The new plan envisages the development of 208 standards. Among them are some new ones. As informed by Ms. Grishkevich, they represent a series of standards for the requirements and methods to test solid fuel from municipal waste, quantities and units, including in the field of acoustics, methods of testing cosmetics and water quality. “State and interstate standards will be developed on the basis of international ISO and IEC standards, as well as European documents,” she added.

Since 2021, more than 70 standards have been developed in the country aimed at implementing the SDGs. In 2023, work is underway on 24 state standards.