Starlink will soon suspend its work in Russia, Belarus and some other countries

Starlink – a satellite internet constellation operated by SpaceX – will ... countries. The Starlink network provides Internet access by deploying a large ... account that the company’s Internet network became available on all ...

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Musk says Twitter may charge fees for commercial and government users

Twitter social network can charge fees for commercial organisations and government bodies – as stated by American entrepreneur Elon Musk, TASS reports photo: “Twitter will always be free for casual users, but maybe a slight cost for commercial / government users,” the founder of Tesla and SpaceX said in a tweet. On April 25 th , it became known that Elon Musk is buying the company for $44bn. Based on the US Securities and Exchange Commission data, if the businessman wants to ...

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Apple and Meta suspected of sharing data with hackers

US companies Apple and Meta mistakenly handed over user data to hackers pretending to be law enforcement officials – as reported by TAS S Photo: According to Bloomberg, which cites its sources, the attackers sent fake emergency requests to the above-mentioned companies. In response, Apple and Meta sent the hackers data about registered users, including customer addresses, phone numbers, and IP addresses. Bloomberg clarified that typically such requests come with a search ...

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A war with no rules

While some experts and political scientists are arguing whether the third world war has already begun, others come to the firm conclusion — the first world information war is under way. We wake up and fall asleep accompanied by explosions of information bombs and bit by bit deduce the truth in the flow of fake news. This is information chaos into which we are plunged by the world’s largest media corporations and social networks. However, this did not happen all of sudden today. Not even ...

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Lukashenko signed decree on Internet news aggregators

... in the Global Computer Network Internet – as reported by the Belarusian ... news aggregators of materials from Internet resources, in respect of which ...

Lukashenko , decrees , Internet

Germany called for tougher regulation of Telegram

... violence and agitation on the Internet – as she told Funke media ... , violence and hatred on the Internet," Ms. Faeser said. The ...

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Vital to teach people to be responsible in social networks

... ONT TV channel that the Internet cannot be banned, but we ... and terrorism. The authors of Internet posts calling for destruction of ... or disagreement among citizens. The Internet cannot be banned, but we ...

police , internet

Every third senior Belarusian citizen uses the Internet

... third senior citizen uses the Internet in Belarus, while more than ... only 2 percent of all Internet users in the country. The ... higher their interest in the Internet. According to the National Statistical ...

internet , elderly , statistics

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