Posted: 25.01.2022 13:22:00

Journalists of state media to defend Belarus’ information field with a pen

This was stated by the Director of Belarus’ office of the Mir Interstate TV and Radio Company, Olga Shpilevskaya, in her talk with Alfa Radio, discussing whether the Belarusians trust the state media

“According to the results of all sociological surveys, people trust the state, the authorities, and hence – the state media. The fact is that Belarusians have oversaturated themselves with Internet streams. When you read a lot of information from different sources, various Telegram channels, you get a mess in your head, it becomes difficult to understand what is true, how to evaluate it and who to believe. In this case, there is a need for a source that you will definitely trust and that will help you figure everything out,” said Olga Shpilevskaya.

The Director of Belarus’ office of the Mir Interstate TV and Radio Company also told how to counteract any fake information, “The best counter to any fake is to convey the truth. When your cause is right, you will be heard anyway. Not a single fake will be able to destroy this truth. I am confident that all journalists of the state media will defend the information field of Belarus with a pen in their hands.”

Answering the question whether opinion leaders and political scientists are a counterbalance in the struggle for the truth, Ms. Shpilevskaya noted that Belarusians certainly trust experts.

“We’ve managed to nurture opinion leaders whom our audience trusts. It didn’t happen in the last year; it’s always been there. Just now a wave [of events] pushed them to the surface. People do not just believe our political scientists, they want to hear them, and not only in the media, but to communicate with them live.”

Olga Shpilevskaya is sure that we cannot rest on the laurels and need to educate a new generation of opinion leaders.

“Moreover, it is necessary that right now, at a young age, they absorb love for their Motherland, the feeling that you can give everything so that everything is fine and calm in your native country, a feeling of love for your people,” she underlined.