Adviser to Estonia’s President said his country discussing sending troops to Ukraine for ‘rear’ jobs

... discussing the possibility of sending troops to the west of Ukraine ... the possibility of sending Estonian troops for logistical work in Ukraine ... would prefer to discuss sending troops as part of a full ...

Estonia , Ukraine , NATO , troops

Russia’s State Duma deputy: let Macron personally lead French military in Ukraine

... role of Napoleon, while our troops will remind the French how ...

Russia , Ukraine , France , troops , Macron

Polish Foreign Ministry said NATO troops already in Ukraine

... : “The NATO troops are already present in Ukraine ... have no plans to send troops to Ukraine and, even more ... Peskov underlined that if Western troops are sent to Ukraine, a ...

NATO , Poland , Ukraine , Russia , troops

Poland moved two military brigades to Belarus’ border

... of part of the infantry troops’ is to demonstrate the readiness ...

Belarus , Poland , border , troops

Poland announced increase in number of troops in the east of the country

... to increase the number of troops mainly in the east of ...

Poland , troops

Expert: Union State’s military doctrine is exclusively defensive in nature

The regional grouping of troops (RGT) deployed in peacetime or ... great hopes on its territorial troops for the purpose of protecting ... issue. “The regional grouping of troops is based on the Armed ...

Union State , border , military doctrine , troops

Armoured personnel carriers, robots, missile weapons: equipment of the Belarusian Armed Forces

The proposals on the state defence order for 2022 were discussed during the meeting hosted by the President. Aleksandr Lukashenko noted that our country has learned important lessons from the current situation in Ukraine. The Head of State stressed in particular, “No one should be able to take us by surprise. This is the lesson of the past war. We are not aggressors, we are not going to attack anyone. Yet, we should keep our powder dry and keep our eyes open. We should see what our adversaries ...

Lukashenko , national defense , military , Armored personnel carriers , robots , missile weapons , equipment , troops

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