Posted: 15.05.2024 13:00:00

Adviser to Estonia’s President said his country discussing sending troops to Ukraine for ‘rear’ jobs

The Estonian government is seriously discussing the possibility of sending troops to the west of Ukraine to take over non-direct combat, ‘rear’ roles from Ukrainian forces in order to free them up to fight on the front – as stated by National Security Advisor to Estonia’s President Madis Roll, TASS reports


Mr. Roll said that the Estonian government is analysing the possibility of sending Estonian troops for logistical work in Ukraine. At the same time, he noted that Tallinn would prefer to discuss sending troops as part of a full-fledged NATO mission ‘to show broader combined strength and determination’. However, the official did not rule out Estonia’s participation in a smaller coalition.

“Discussions are ongoing. <...> We should be looking at all the possibilities,” he said.

Madis Roll also emphasised that it’s ‘not unthinkable’ that NATO members opposed to such a move would change their minds ‘as time goes on’.