MP on European Parliament elections: split in Europe will worsen

... , many parties – especially those of Macron and Scholz – have extremely weak ... France – migration and economic problems – Macron ‘puts’ on a Napoleon hat ... . “There will be more crises. Macron wants to hold new elections ... already dissolved Parliament. Now both Macron and Scholz will cling onto ...

gaidukevich , Europe , Russia , Belarus , France , Germany , Macron , Scholz

Zelenskyy rejected Macron's proposal for Olympic truce

... the President of France, Emmanuel Macron, to come to an Olympic ... that, in response to Emmanuel Macron's call, he asked ‘who ...

Ukraine , zelenskyy , france , Macron

Media: Macron overestimates France's ability to ensure Europeэs security with nuclear deterrence

... Wyatt said French President Emmanuel Macron overestimates his country’s ability ... .com According to the Professor, Macron is mistaken in believing that ... to the French leader’. Earlier, Macron stated the need to counter ...

France , Russia , nuclear weapons , Macron

Macron said Europe facing triple existential risk

French President Emmanuel Macron said that modern Europe is ... photo: Emmanuel Macron noted that the triple existential ... our democracies’. According to Mr. Macron, ‘a new geopolitical, economic and ...

France , Europe , Macron

Expert on Macron's statement about use of French nuclear weapons for Europe’s defence

... made by French President Emmanuel Macron, who noted that the European ... news. “By saying that, Emmanuel Macron, in fact, stated that French ... of Europe separately from NATO. Macron wants to play the same ... to happen, “They have criticised Macron for his statement. Moreover, he ... ,000 of them?” “Therefore, Emmanuel Macron can only be recommended to ...

france , Macron , europe , Belyaev , opinion

Poll: over 50% of the French surveyed questioned Macron's influence on decisions in the European Union

... citizens believe that President Emmanuel Macron has had no real influence ... of respondents believe that Emmanuel Macron manages to influence the European ...

Macron , france , european union , poll

Zelenskyy agreed with Macron's idea to send French troops to Ukraine

... idea of French President Emmanuel Macron to send troops to Ukraine ...

Ukraine , zelenskyy , france , Macron

Russia’s State Duma deputy: let Macron personally lead French military in Ukraine

... suggested that French President Emmanuel Macron personally lead the French military ... reports photo: “Macron has an opportunity to act ...

Russia , Ukraine , France , troops , Macron

Ex-US intelligence officer: if arriving to Ukraine, French army will commit suicide since Russia will eliminate it

... of February, French President Emmanuel Macron said that Paris would do ... . The Kremlin, commenting on Mr. Macron's statements, warned that such ...

france , macron , usa , special military operation , russia , Ukraine

Expert: Macron is ‘new Fuhrer’

... troops to Ukraine. After Emmanuel Macron's statements that he did ... were looking for a Fuhrer? Macron is this ‘new Fuhrer’. Scholz ... conflict with Russia. In turn Macron, due to the lack of ...

nato , Macron , avdonin , opinion

Expert: French army is not combat-ready

... According to the philosopher, Emmanuel Macron is not able to correctly ... ’. The expert added that Emmanuel Macron, when talking about the possibility ...

france , russia , Ukraine , Macron

French children asked Macron to promise that there would be no war

Children asked French President Emmanuel Macron during his visit to Marseille ... everything for this!” Mr. Macron responded, noting that it is ... ‘wins there’. Earlier, Mr. Macron claimed that the European Union ... in early March, Mr. Macron once again said that France ... political parties accused Mr. Macron of dragging Paris into the ... these issues. After Mr. Macron's statements, German Chancellor Olaf ... drawn attention to Emmanuel Macron's words that the ... French citizens believe Emmanuel Macron has gone too far ...

france , russia , Ukraine , Macron , special military operation

Expert: Macron intentionally made scandalous statement about deployment of troops to Ukraine

French President Emmanuel Macron was well aware of the ... Photo: Emmanuel Macron's statement that Kiev's ... public statements on the issue. Macron understood that. Please note when ... so on. At that moment, Macron made his statement on the ... news are now devoted to Macron's statement, putting aside the ...

Macron , france , farmers

Media: France reduced number of spectators at 2024 Olympics opening amid security concerns

... made at French President Emmanuel Macron’s request amid fears of ...

France , Paris , Olympics , Macron

MP: Europe will instantly lose if it ventures upon direct clash with Belarus, Russia

... Will not Die for Ukraine’, ‘Macron Should be Resigned’, and others ... statement by French President Emmanuel Macron, who had allowed the military ... . They will rather fight against Macron. If the latter sends troops ... an extra reason to burn Macron right on the square. Even ... Russia and the United States. “Macron will be later phoned and ... ’ state by that time. Therefore, Macron's statement is ridiculous, pathetic ...

Belarus , russia , Ukraine , france , Macron , usa , NATO

Media: Macron and Scholz disagreements over aid to Ukraine escalate into open conflict

... regime between French leader Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz ... Ukraine, which persists despite Emmanuel Macron's strong statements. According to ... really necessary weapons. Earlier, Emmanuel Macron, following the conference on Ukraine ...

france , germany , ukraine , macron , scholz

French politician demanded to impeach Macron

... Moscow and impeach President Emmanuel Macron – as stated by the leader ... .COM The politician believes that Macron hates his country and wants ... February 26th. Following the meeting, Macron stated that the participants discussed ...

Macron , France

The Daily Telegraph: Macron took allies by surprise with statement about sending troops to Ukraine

... statement by French leader Emmanuel Macron about the possible dispatch of ... PHOTO: WWW.REUTERS.COM Earlier, Macron said that Western leaders had ... is not the first time Macron's independent approach has taken ... . According to The Daily Telegraph, Macron's words caused the greatest ... rejection of his latest suggestion, Macron may find himself once again ...

Macron , France , West , Ukraine

German political expert explained why Scholz opposes sending troops to Ukraine

... Scholz, unlike French President Emmanuel Macron, is aware of the consequences ... French President Emmanuel Macron did not rule out the ... Scholz understands that, but Mr. Macron has recently lost touch with ... attach importance to this: Mr. Macron believes he is immortal since ...

Scholz , germany , france , Macron , Ukraine , opinion

French politician called for ousting Macron's 'clique'

... the ouster of President Emmanuel Macron's ‘clique’, RIA Novosti reports ...

France , Macron

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