Ukraine said it could create nuclear weapons in nine months

Former Adviser to the Head of Zelenskyy’s Office Oleksiy Arestovych said that the country could create nuclear weapons in less than a year, RIA Novosti reports photo: The deputy said, “We can restore it within six 6-9 months. But Ukraine does not need nuclear weapons, especially since it will have to violate the system of international treaties.” It is reported that Ukraine has repeatedly raised the issue of returning nuclear status. So, back in 2008, about 200 representatives ...

Ukraine , nuclear weapon

Medvedev: Russia ready to defend itself with any weapon, including nuclear one

The world is on the verge of a global conflict – as stated by the Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council, Dmitry Medvedev, TASS reports Photo: According to Mr. Medvedev, it is obvious to all reasonable forces that the world is on the verge of a world conflict if the United States wants Russia’s defeat. “If the United States wants to defeat Russia, then we have the right to defend ourselves with any weapons, including nuclear ones,” he stressed. Speaking about the ...

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S. Korean military: N. Korea could conduct nuclear test

The South Korean military does not rule out that the DPRK may conduct a nuclear test as part of its development of a reduced nuclear warhead for use on projectiles of an ultra-large multiple launch rocket system, RIA Novosti reports with reference to an informed source from the South Korean army Photo: At a closed briefing for journalists, he said, “We believe that, at the moment, the capabilities of North Korea to install a nuclear warhead on super-large MLRS projectiles are ...

DPRK , south korea , nuclear weapon

US expert: no need for Russia to use nuclear weapons in Ukraine

American political expert Dimitri Simes sees no reason at this stage to believe that Russia has decided to use nuclear weapons in Ukraine Photo: In his talk with the Soloviev Live channel, the expert noted that NATO used to place nuclear weapons in focus in times when the Soviet Union had an advantage in conventional forces in Europe. “American tactical nuclear weapons were primarily created to fight Soviet tanks. The US was then afraid of the latter’s advance to the English ...

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Erdogan: Russia, US agreed to refrain from using nuclear weapons

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that, after contacts between the Russian and American delegations in Ankara, he received information from his intelligence chief that the parties had agreed to refrain from using nuclear weapons, RIA Novosti reports Photo: It was reported earlier that the Head of the US Central Intelligence Agency, William Burns, met with the Director of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service, Sergei Naryshkin, in the Turkish capital on Monday to ...

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Duda and the bomb

Why Poland needs American nuclear weapons In early October, the idea of transferring American atomic bombs to the territory of our western neighbour passed from the stage of empty talk into a practical plane — President Andrzej Duda announced that his country had already begun negotiations with Washington on the conditions for deploying special munitions as part of the notorious Nuclear Sharing program. True, the State Department denied such plans, but, as you know, there is no smoke without ...

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Opinion: West uses nuclear rhetoric to keep Europeans in awe

The topic of a potential use of nuclear weapons is being escalated on the world agenda by the West, and Belarus’ President Aleksandr Lukashenko urged the United States not to dance to the tune of distraught politicians on this issue. In his talk with the Belarus 1 TV channel, a deputy of the House of Representatives of the National Assembly, Oleg Gaidukevich, commented on what the Western authorities are guided by in their actions. Photo: video screenshot Mr. Gaidukevich stressed that the ...

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Duda: deployment of American nuclear weapons in Poland is possible

Deployment of American nuclear weapons in Poland is an open topic – as stated by the Polish leader, Andrzej Duda, RIA Novosti reports Photo: Mr. Duda believes it is a problem that Poland has no nuclear weapons on its territory, and the country could participate in the Nuclear Sharing programme. In line with the latter, NATO states in Europe deploy and store American nuclear arms. "There is always a potential opportunity to participate in Nuclear Sharing. We have talked ...

poland , duda , nuclear weapon , USA

NATO: Russia to face severe consequences if it uses nuclear weapons

... Stoltenberg, said any use of nuclear weapon is unacceptable and would have ...

nato , russia , nuclear weapon

Foreign Ministry: Belarus stands for nuclear-weapon-free world

... of Nuclear Weapons as a nuclear-weapon-free state. "The voluntary ...

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Kim Jong Un threatens to use nuclear weapons

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un said his country is fully ready to promptly and accurately mobilise its ‘nuclear war deterrence’, Yonhap News Agency reports Photo: On July 27 th , the North Korean leader spoke at a ceremony to mark the anniversary of the Korean War armistice. In his speech, he stated that the country’s armed forces are fully ready to respond to any crisis. Kim Jong Un said that North Korea’s nuclear deterrent also stands fully prepared to use its power faithfully, ...

Kim Jong Un , korea , nuclear weapon

Risk of using nuclear weapons at its peak since Cold War, study reads

The risk of using nuclear weapons has reached its highest level since the Cold War, because the ‘nuclear-armed states’ are beginning to actively increase their arsenals – as stated in a report of the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI), TASS reports Photo: The report reads that ‘there are clear indications that the reductions that have characterised global nuclear arsenals have ended’, and ‘all the nuclear-armed states (Russia, the United States, the United ...

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Russian Foreign Ministry: idea of sending nuclear weapons to Ukraine puts Poles at risk

Radoslaw Sikorski, a member of the European Parliament (Poland), declared the right of Europe to transfer nuclear weapons to Ukraine, and the Russian Foreign Ministry commented on his statement. As noted by its official representative, Maria Zakharova, in her Telegram channel, by such actions Polish politicians threaten the planet with a violation of the nuclear non-proliferation regime. Photo: Ms. Zakharova stressed that Polish politicians controlled by the United States ‘manifest ...

russia , poland , nuclear weapon , Zakharova

Belarus’ Foreign Ministry supports statement on preventing nuclear war and avoiding arms races

... the statement of the five nuclear-weapon states’ leaders on preventing a ... ’s press service “The five nuclear-weapon states have actually come to ... joint efforts of the five nuclear-weapon states’ leaders – along with the ...

foreign ministry , nuclear weapon

Russia, China, UK, USA, France speak of necessity to prevent nuclear war

... avoiding arms races between the nuclear-weapon states – as evidenced by a ... the avoidance of war between nuclear-weapon states and the reduction of ...

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100 seconds to midnight

Nuclear powers build capabilities while Doomsday Clock time has reduced tenfold over the past 30 years Twenty-five years have passed since the opening of the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty for signature. In this regard, UN Secretary General António Guterres published a post on Twitter, in which he expressed concern: humanity remains unacceptably close to nuclear annihilation. “Now is the time to lift the cloud of nuclear conflict for good, eliminate nuclear weapons from our world and ...

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