UN urged to eliminate nuclear weapons due to high level of threat

... use, proliferation and testing of nuclear weapons is being nullified,” Antonio Guterres ...

un , nuclear weapons

First submarine with tactical nuclear weapons launched in DPRK

... to be equipped with tactical nuclear weapons. It is now undergoing a ... that he is confident that nuclear weapons are a significant part of ... them with the same tactical nuclear weapons as the new submarine has ...

DPRK , nuclear weapons , submarine

Expert on possible transfer of nuclear weapons to Britain: the world is moving to Cold War by leaps and bounds

... of the US to move nuclear weapons to the UK at the ... US intention to move its nuclear weapons to the UK. Specialists noted ... . Let me remind you that nuclear weapons were stored in the United ... . Now there is talk that nuclear weapons are returning. Moreover, two squadrons ... even to the deployment [of nuclear weapons]. So far, this is being ... indicates a readiness to accept nuclear weapons. Thus, London becomes even more ...

US , UK , nuclear weapons

Russian Admiral: US policy pushing DPRK to create deterrent force with nuclear weapons

... US action, the DPRK considers nuclear weapons to be the ‘only guarantee ...

usa , DPRK , nuclear weapons

S. Korean leader expressed fear that DPRK could use nuclear weapons

... can use any means, including nuclear weapons – as stated by South Korean ... give up the use of nuclear weapons," Yoon Suk Yeol said ... to a common conclusion that nuclear weapons should be eliminated for the ...

south korea , North Korea , nuclear weapons

Lukashenko warned madmen in the West: Belarus will immediately respond to aggression, using not only nuclear weapons

... it will use not only nuclear weapons – as stated by the ... based on." "The nuclear weapons stored in Belarus will really ... brought nuclear weapons to our territory not to scare anyone. True, nuclear weapons are ... would not like to use nuclear weapons. This will never happen, ... . "Is the use of nuclear weapons against Ukraine not excluded under ... , “[We will use] not only nuclear weapons against Ukraine, if it commits ... have something more than just nuclear weapons. We will also not warn ...

Lukashenko , nuclear weapons

Opinion: there will be no battlefield fight against NATO

No one will fight against the North Atlantic Alliance on the battlefield, and everything will end in just several minutes in case of aggression towards Belarus and Russia – as stated by Aleksei Avdonin, an expert of the Belarusian Institute for Strategic Studies, in his talk with the ONT TV channel Photo: Mr. Avdonin explained, “No one will fight against NATO in the fields. In case of aggression on their part, everything will be completed in just several minutes by means of a ...

avdonin , NATO , opinion , nuclear weapons

Lukashenko doesn’t believe that nuclear weapons stationed in Belarus will have to be used

... said that he hopes the nuclear weapons deployed in Belarus will not ... most serious ones. I mean nuclear weapons.” Aleksandr Lukashenko made an important ... clarification, “You must understand that nuclear weapons are security. No one has ... issue.” As far as tactical nuclear weapons are concerned, the President said ...

Lukashenko , Brest Region , nuclear weapons

Trump spoke out against conflict with Moscow due to Russian large stockpile of nuclear weapons

... presence of large stocks of nuclear weapons in Russia, TASS reports. photo ... good. They [Russia] have more nuclear weapons than we do. About the ...

US , Europe , Russia , nuclear weapons

Media report US and S. Korea plan to discuss nuclear weapons use against DPRK

... discuss the issue of using nuclear weapons against the DPRK in July ... issue of the use of nuclear weapons against our state at a ... force of the alliance’, including nuclear weapons, in the event of a ...

US , South Korea , DPRK , nuclear weapons

Lavrov: Russia agrees to the creation of nuclear-free zone in Southeast Asia

... not possess, develop and deploy nuclear weapons, as well as their elements ... Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons in Southeast Asia was signed ...

Russia , nuclear weapons , Foreign Ministry , Southeast Asia

Expert: deployment of nuclear weapons in Belarus is symmetrical response to Western countries

... . “For example, the topic of nuclear weapons in Belarus was tackled more ... United Kingdom. “In Western Europe, nuclear weapons were stored until 1991. During ... United States seemed to withdraw nuclear weapons from Europe, but not for ... deployed the headquarters of the nuclear weapons command in Germany in 2022 ...

nuclear weapons , politics

Expert: deployment of tactical nuclear weapons eliminates immediate threat of NATO strike at Belarus

... earlier, the deployment of tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus will begin in ... assesses the deployment of tactical nuclear weapons on the territory of Belarus ... sense. I think that tactical nuclear weapons will eliminate the immediate threat ... with the deployment of tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus, and Mr. Shevtsov ...

Shevtsov , opinion , nuclear weapons

General Kasinsky warned the West against aggression

... the possibility of using tactical nuclear weapons, Major General Kasinsky stressed that ...

kasinsky , Belarus , west , nuclear weapons

Expert on deployment of tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus

... to the deployment of tactical nuclear weapons on the territory of Belarus ... Belarus clearly said everything: legally, nuclear weapons will be Russian, but everything ...

Belarus , Shpakovsky , nuclear weapons , Poland

Lukashenko on timeframe for nuclear weapons deployment in Belarus

... points for the deployment of nuclear weapons were completely ready a month ... ago. Most of the nuclear weapons have been already moved to ...

Lukashenko , nuclear weapons

Morawiecki said Poland wants to host US nuclear weapons

... country plans to host American nuclear weapons in response to the deployment ... of Russian nuclear weapons in Belarus – as reported by ... Russia intends to deploy tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus, we are all ... obligations, they would deploy tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus.

Poland , US , nuclear weapons

Lukashenko: significant part of nuclear weapons has already been brought to Belarus

... significant part of the Russian nuclear weapons, which are planned to be ... ) Wagner will guard nuclear weapons. Wagner will not guard any nuclear weapons. Most of ... are helping to service these nuclear weapons. It turns out that this ... information, “No Wagner will guard nuclear weapons. This is our task. I ...

Lukashenko , Belarus , Russia , nuclear weapons

Expert: deployment of tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus is a very strong step

... Radio . "[Deployment of tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus] is a very ... happened. The deployment of tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus is not a ... can be said about tactical nuclear weapons? Look, the 16th Mechanised Division ... country. Several charges of tactical nuclear weapons can null it. They were ... anti-aircraft missile regiment, tactical nuclear weapons, and other interesting novelties. No ...

nuclear weapons , gigin , opinion

Lukashenko named conditions for the use of nuclear weapons from Belarus’ territory, stating that there will be no hesitation

... conditions for the use of nuclear weapons from the territory of Belarus ... for the deployment of tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus, “No one in ... is seeking to deploy tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus for the NATO ... Lukashenko, the conditions for storing nuclear weapons in Belarus are ‘like in ...

Lukashenko , nuclear weapons

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