Deputy: arms market most expensive in terms of global sales

... trillion due to changes in geopolitical and military calculations, with the ...

arms , weapons , US , Europe , geopolitics

Andreichenko: Belarusians proven their right to independent development and learnt historical lessons

... the formation of a new geopolitical picture of the world – as ...

Andreichenko , Belarus , geopolitics

Perish yourself but start a war

The Baltic states are drowning in problems, but they do not stop supplying arms to Ukraine Today, a coalition of 50 Western states is behind the Kiev regime. In fact, it is the regimes that rule in them that are vitally interested in the large-scale conflict that has unfolded on the territory of our southern neighbour. Representatives of the Western establishment themselves do not even hide the fact that they have not waged such a profitable war for a long time, which does not force them to send ...

world , geopolitics , Baltic States , Latvia , Lithuania , Estonia

Dialogue in the name of the development

... the way to a new geopolitical, social and economic order: transition ... -19 pandemic. However, today’s geopolitical realities forced the organisers to ... the interests and economic and geopolitical role of each state without ...

Verona Eurasian Economic Forum , geopolitics , Dialogue , development

The grand mineboard

... some allusions to the current geopolitical situation with the concepts that ... on the chessboard, turning the geopolitical space into a minefield. Fall ... ’ idea as a field of geopolitical events has not lost its ...

geopolitics , USA

Landlord ambitions

How Poland is trying to become the new European centre of power In recent years, our western neighbour has been increasingly trying to pursue a policy that runs counter to the general line set in Brussels, Paris and Berlin. And the reason for this is the insufficient radicalism of old Europe: weak, according to the ‘eagles’ from Warsaw, Anti-Belarusian and Anti-Russian sentiment does not allow, as they believe, to curb the Union State once and for all. Now Vampires from the ruling PiS party ...


Playing with fire

Why are Western countries persistently trying to rekindle frozen conflicts around the world? The beginning of August turned out to be really hot: in the first week alone, the world found itself on the verge of one large-scale military conflict and two local ones. Moreover, the trace of Western politicians was seen in all episodes. They took up the matter in their own hands in Taiwan, and in the Karabakh and Kosovo cases they preferred the unkind old path of intrigues and secret diplomatic (and ...


Caught the right wave

How large companies make money on wars, cataclysms and instability The modern world of finance is a world of speculation based on an uneven distribution of information. Whoever ‘knows’ the future makes money on those who do not know it and do not make timely investment decisions. Exchange speculators earn not during the period of ‘calm’, but during the period of strong volatility. Large waves of such fluctuations can only be created by all sorts of instabilities, such as wars, natural disasters ...


This is the battle for the new world

... to continue to maintain its geopolitical and financial position in the ...

geopolitics , west

Dangerous game

Instead of constructively resolving the refugee crisis western neighbours of Belarus choose the path of further escalation and militarisation Our western neighbours — Poland and the Baltic countries — have finally decided to close the possibilities for a constructive resolution of the refugee crisis. Instead, they chose the path of further escalation and militarisation, as evidenced by new exercises, trains with heavy weapons from the Americans moving from Germany to Poland, and maintaining a ...

geopolitics , escalation , militarisation

Geopolitics always matter

... the context of the global geopolitical processes, believes the Chairman of ... a broader context of the geopolitical processes that now are taking ...

savinykh , geopolitics , Union State

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