Posted: 30.11.2023 15:41:00

Andreichenko: Belarusians proven their right to independent development and learnt historical lessons

For Belarus, the final four-year period is characterised by important processes associated with the formation of a new geopolitical picture of the world – as stated by Chairman of the House of Representatives of the National Assembly Vladimir Andreichenko in an interview with SB. Belarus Segodnya

The Speaker of the House of Representatives noted that the crisis of confidence in the world and the growth of military tension in the European region, the artificial severance of trade ties and the formation of a new ‘iron curtain’ are aimed at worsening people’s lives and undermining the economy, increasing tension within society and creating conflict potential.

“Belarusians have already seen the results of this in Ukraine and experienced it themselves in 2020. There’s no doubt that they will not leave us alone, and attempts at external pressure on the country and influence on people will only intensify. Economics, finance, political construction, spirituality and the sphere of meaning – all these areas are turning into arenas of real confrontation. Already today, targeted destructive activities are being carried out against Belarus, and the information campaign is acquiring the features of open confrontation,” underlined Vladimir Andreichenko.

According to him, the state must be prepared in advance to neutralise threats to its own security and protect the constitutional provisions that ‘the only source of state power and bearer of sovereignty in the country is the nation’.

“This is the most important principle of national democracy and the basis of independent development, practically implemented through ensuring electoral sovereignty. History shows that Belarusians have proven their right to independent development, have learnt historical lessons and the essence of democratic principles. Today, democracy is the basis of national statehood and the Belarusian tradition, which we will protect by all available means,” said Vladimir Andreichenko.