Dual-use information

... and missiles pose a deadly threat, just like they did in ... War had ended, the Soviet threat had disappeared. Moreover, it was ... “We live in the post–truth era,” Anatoly Belous stated. “Once ...

security , cyberattack , threat , digital , information

Blackmail on the nuclear level

... . Washington keeps pontificating on the threat to the United States posed ... a natural response to the threat of war from NATO, as ...

nuclear , weapon , threat , NATO

Russian Defence Ministry: US military-biological activity gaining momentum

NATO is actively trying to deploy its forces and infrastructure in the Asia-Pacific region, and the military-biological activities of the United States are gaining momentum – as stated by the Deputy Defence Minister of Russia, Aleksandr Fomin, TASS reports Photo: "Recently, there have been active attempts to deploy NATO's power potential in the Asia-Pacific region. Under the pretext of the ‘indivisibility of the security of the Euro-Atlantic and the Indo-Pacific region’, ...

usa , russia , NATO , threat

Shevtsov: growth of NATO reaction force creating threat of attack on us at any second

... in the event of any threat, military equipment would not be ... is the creation of a threat of attack on us at ... is a serious threat. However, I repeat, this threat did not develop ... talking about a real military threat of a very high degree ...

Shevtsov , NATO , Belarus , Russia , threat

Volfovich: military-political situation around Belarus becoming increasingly tense

... is allegedly aimed against the threat from the East, that is ...

Volfovich , Belarus , West , threat

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