Expert commented on ongoing nuclear exercises of Belarus’ Armed Forces

... react to this. Therefore, the expert explained that some kind of ...

Belarus , Russia , NATO , West , nuclear weapons , expert , Shevtsov

Opinion: Warsaw rapidly increasing its offensive potential

... ’ 227 tanks in service,” the expert noted.

Expert , Poland , Tikhansky , militarisation

Expert: nuclear weapons on Belarus’ territory to remain most important tool for deterring aggression

... tool for deterring aggression,” the expert believes.

Expert , Tikhansky , Belarus , military weapons , border , NATO , West

Expert: US ‘project’ on Ukraine turned out to be complete failure

... this US ‘project’ failed The expert explained what the United States ...

Expert , avdonin , Ukraine , US

MP: we won’t let anyone forget that Soviet people defeated fascism in Great Patriotic War

... . Video screenshot According to the expert, everything repeats, and fascism is ... will never forget it!” the expert underlined.

expert , gaidukevich , Belarus , fascism

Expert on how Chernobyl disaster affected Belarus

... cannot be done [there],” the expert noted. Vadim Gigin also stated ... is gradually overcoming it. The expert also reminded about the role ...

Expert , Gigin , chernobyl disaster , Belarus

Expert commented on Duda’s statement about Polish intentions to deploy NATO nuclear weapons on its territory

... some time’ According to the expert, under the NATO sharing arrangement ... request to sell analogues,” the expert explained. The political scientist said ... be taken into account.” The expert noted that the danger of ...

Expert , Borovik , Poland , NATO , Russia , Duda , nuclear weapons , Belarus

Expert explained how current Belarusian People’s Congress would differ from previous ones

... the Belarusian State University, political expert Aleksei Belyaev, revealed what Belarusians ... been transferred to it,” the expert explained. According to Aleksei Belyaev ... on certain personnel issues. The expert explained that today it will ... ’s Congress are provided,” the expert added. Aleksei Belyaev summed up ...

expert , Belyaev , Belarusian People’s Congress , Belarus

Expert explained why Belarus suspended its participation in CFE Treaty

... more or less interaction,” the expert asserted. “Anyway, this last legal ... out nowadays,” summed up the expert.

Belarus , Yelfimov , CFE Treaty , expert

Expert said US wants to overthrow government in Georgia

... law on foreign agents’. The expert explained that this law could ...

US , Georgia , Russia , expert

Expert: new Military Doctrine retains main message on Belarus’ peaceful nature

... Belarus’ peace-loving nature,” the expert explained.

Belarus , military doctrine , expert

Belarusian expert: Peter Pellegrini's victory in presidential elections means strengthening Slovak statehood

On April 7th, 2024, the Head of Parliament, Peter Pellegrini, won the Slovak presidential elections. Earlier, he had already announced that if elected as head of state, he would not allow sending the military to Ukraine. Peter Pellegrini also opposed the supply of weapons to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Oleg Gaidukevich, a deputy of the House of Representatives of the National Assembly of the Republic of Belarus, explained what this electoral victory means for Europe in his talk with Alfa Radio ...

expert , opinion , slovakia , elections , gaidukevich

Expert explained why Africa slipping away from Western influence

... , however, they felt it,” the expert commented. According to Vadim Yelfimov ...

Africa , West , expert

MP: Lukashenko spoke the truth on NATO invasions when other politicians were afraid to open their mouths

... and the Middle East,” the expert underlined. “That’s why Lukashenko ...

expert , Gaidukevich , Belarus , Lukashenko , president

Expert: denial of genocide of Belarusian people is actual falsification of history

... ) caused such a resonance The expert explained why this case had ...

Gigin , expert , Belarus , genocide , Great Patriotic War , memory

Opinion: wars unleashed by US enable American military-industrial complex to make huge profits

... in the near future,” the expert notes. He continued, “Military spending ...

Expert , Chibisov , US , war , profit

Chibisov: NATO’s large-scale exercises across Europe are direct preparation for military conflict with Russia

... , accordingly, our Union State,” the expert noted. According to Igor Chibisov ... Belarus as its ally,” the expert added. “They want to scare ...

Opinion , expert , Chibisov , NATO , exercises

Opinion: WTO does not fulfil its functions

... worth the candle,” explained the expert.

expert , Petrovsky , wto , belarus

Expert explained what would have happened if Lukashenko hadn’t planned to take part in 2025 elections

... some political intrigues,” added the expert.

Avdonin , expert , belarus , elections

Expert: innovations in electoral legislation beneficial for both state and voters

The 2024 election campaign will be the largest in the history of independent Belarus. It has now entered its most active phase - Single Voting Day on February 25th - and within its framework, citizens will have to decide on the candidates who will represent their interests in the House of Representatives and local Councils of Deputies. Belarusians have something to compare with: over the years of independence, the country's electoral system has become more perfect. Associate Professor of the ...

elections , single voting day , expert

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