Zayats: Belarus’ self-sufficiency level for major food groups exceeds 100 percent

Belarus’ Deputy Prime Minister Leonid Zayats said that the food situation in the world is uncertain. According to the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation, 828 million people – almost 10 percent of the global population – were affected by hunger in 2021. The number of people unable to afford healthy food increased by 112 million to almost 3.1 billion, pushing up consumer food prices. Against this background, according to 2021 results, our country is ranked 36th among 113 states in the Global ...

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Expert: by expanding, NATO is weakening itself with its own hands

... be knocked out,” the political expert explains. “The expansion of the ...

Opinion , expert , Belyaev , NATO , Europe

Opinion: refusal of national economies from Dollars and Euros undermines old scheme of West’s enrichment at our expense

... warm and comfortable homes,” the expert said.

Expert , Avdonin , West , economy

German expert predicts collapse of EU gas market

The Head of the Institute for Economics of Germany, Michael Huter, says the EU states are at risk of collapsing the gas market and disruption of supply chains if certain EU countries stop pumping gas to their neighbours in the event of a crisis, BelTA reports with reference to Die Welt photo: "The EU must ensure that gas continues to flow between the countries, even if Russia cuts off gas supplies," the economist said. “It should not come to a situation where certain ...

gas , eu , market , Germany , Expert

West wants Ukrainian conflict to escalate further, expert asserts

... point of view,” the political expert stressed. “Billions of Dollars are ...

ukraine , expert , west

Pentagon continues to hatch plans to create selective biological weapons, expert asserts

... to Belarus’ national security,” the expert is confident.

Expert , pentagon , biological weapons

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