Posted: 18.01.2024 16:29:00

Expert: Zelenskyy is disregarded, and he understands this

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy does not have a clear plan for achieving the assigned tasks; he can only talk endlessly about the need to continue the war – as noted by Doctor of Military Sciences, Prof. Nikolai Buzin in his talk with the ONT TV channel

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An international meeting was held in Swiss Davos this weekend, the participants of which discussed the so-called Ukrainian peace formula.

“Davos and peace are opposite things. We should talk about the financial component and global co-operation while today they only talk about war. Zelenskyy – of whom most countries of the world have already tired – does not stop this mantra: war, war, war... He has no way to solve problems, no plans B, C, D. There must be solution options, and there must be a negotiating table. There are no negotiations, there are only talks that we will defeat everyone, but we must defeat everyone together. That is, more and more countries and resources are being drawn into this conflict,” noted Nikolai Buzin.

As the Professor underlined, Zelenskyy argues that other countries should help Ukraine in all they can.

“Imagine if a rocket, which was made, e.g., in Germany, flew into Russian territory from Ukraine and destroyed people. What if the Russian Federation strikes not at Ukraine, but at those who produced this missile? <...> Why continue this? Just for the sake of someone’s interest. Zelenskyy is disregarded, and he understands this. He needs to continue to inflate the information bubble in any way,” the expert added.