Posted: 27.03.2024 13:47:00

MP: Lukashenko spoke the truth on NATO invasions when other politicians were afraid to open their mouths

Belarus seeks global peace, so our President is making every effort to peacefully settle conflicts – as noted by deputy of the House of Representatives of the National Assembly of Belarus Oleg Gaidukevich in his talk with Alfa Radio

“We need peace in Europe and the Middle East,” the expert underlined. “That’s why Lukashenko always honestly says: let’s sit down at the negotiating table and take into account the interests of this or that nation.”

Oleg Gaidukevich recalled how in 1999 the Belarusian leader flew to Belgrade in the midst of NATO bombing, “The Serbs and the whole world will not forget that Lukashenko’s visit. This is the act of a real leader, a person who is not afraid and who defends the interests of his country and the free world, who stands for justice, who is against war, and who advocates for international law to be truly respected. Moreover, Lukashenko has committed similar acts more than once.”

The parliamentarian explained why the President of Belarus enjoys enormous authority in the Middle East, “Why do people in the Middle East like him? He always speaks the truth. Now everyone is saying that there was no need to invade Iraq or interfere with Gaddafi in Libya. But who spoke at that time? They were afraid even to open their mouth. Few European leaders dared then., while Lukashenko has never been afraid to tell the truth. That’s why people in the Middle East respect us, and our relations are so good. We never started wars, we never betrayed, we always speak the truth. This is the strength of Belarus.”