Posted: 06.12.2023 17:27:00

Gaidukevich: Ukraine’s future is only possible in alliance with Belarus and Russia

The strike of haulers continues on the Polish-Ukrainian border. Because of this, Ukraine is suffering serious losses, with Ukrainian exports across the Polish border dropping by almost a half. Other countries such as Slovakia and Hungary are also joining this movement. In his talk with Alfa Radio, member of the House of Representatives of the National Assembly of Belarus Oleg Gaidukevich speculates why the relations between Ukraine and the EU member states have deteriorated and how Belarus influences the situation in the regions.

“We already said two years ago that no one in the West needs Ukraine. The West needs it only as fuel to fight Russia, and nothing more. Since 1991 – the moment of the USSR collapse – none of them were worried about Ukraine having a strong economy and people living well there. The only thing that Ukraine received from the West was a visa-free regime, under which Ukrainians could come to them and work for them. The West bought in Ukraine everything it could. Nothing else belongs to the Ukrainian people in their country,” noted the expert.

According to Oleg Gaidukevich, the situation at the border once again shows that everyone thinks exclusively about themselves, “Ukraine will never be in the EU, it will never join NATO. The future for Ukraine is possible only in an alliance with Belarus and Russia, the same refers to Lithuania. They will not have security without us: this is an axiom. And what is happening at the border once again serves as confirmation of this.”

The deputy recalled how Ukrainian carriers deprived Polish and other colleagues of their earnings.

“Any European asks the government a question: there are already a million emigrants in a country, e.g. in Germany, and you pay them all money, letting Ukrainian trucks in here, but we cannot get a job. So when will you feed us?” the deputy draws attention.

He is confident that such situations influence the outcome of elections in many countries. And this is just the beginning, “There is no democracy or fair elections in Europe. If they had existed, the Alternative for Germany party would have won in Germany long ago, Marine Le Pen would have been president in France, and this whole Brussels gang led by the senile old man Borrell would have been kicked out and forgotten. But there is no such thing there. And even in these conditions, forces somehow break through that tell the truth.”