Military duty may be introduced for Danish women after 2026 elections

... large-scale restructuring of the conscription system, and one of the ... the political forces supporting the conscription of women into the army ... will extend the term of conscription from four to 11 months ... and increase the number of conscripts from 4.7 to 5 ...

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Lukashenko signed decree on conscription of reserve officers for military service

... Decree No. 179 On the Conscription of Reserve Officers for Military ...

Lukashenko , decree , conscription

Media: Ukraine lowered its minimum conscription age to 25

... such a move might be. “Conscription has been a sensitive matter ... worry that lowering the minimum conscription age to 25 and taking ... say publicly how many new conscripts the Ukrainian army will need ...

Ukraine , Zelensky , conscription

UK’s Shapps: Britain may reconsider conscription in case of world war

... rethink its decision on military conscription – as noted by British Defence ... does not plan to introduce conscription. According to the Times newspaper ... form an army based on conscription in the UK. However, he ...

UK , Shapps , conscription

Lukashenko signed decree on conscription for compulsory military service in February-May 2024

... On Discharge from Active Duty, Conscription and Recruitment to the Reserve ... old by the day of conscription and who are not entitled ... right to a deferment from conscription. The decree also envisages the ... right to a deferment from conscription to continue their education and ... desire to undergo such service. Conscription for military service is scheduled ... take timely measures to recruit conscripts and reservists. At the same ...

Lukashenko , decree , conscription

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