Belstat: Russian investment in Belarus’ economy totalled $5.1bn in 2023

... against 2022. In 2023, Russian investment in Belarus’ economy stood at ...

Belstat , Belarus , Russia , investment

Lukashenko approved state investment programme for 2024

... No. 119, approving the state investment programme for 2024, the Belarusian ... in this year’s state investment programme, 41 of which are ... Construction and others. State capital investments and funds from the National ...

Lukashenko , decree , investment

China’s nuclear corporation expanded investment budget for 2024 by almost $17bn

... energy – decided to increase its investment budget, TASS reports photo: www ... .6bn Yuan ($16.9bn) for investment – 52 percent up compared to ... (CGN) will maintain the planned investment volume at the 2023 level ...

China , investment , nuclear budget

Lazarevich: Minsk fulfilled programme for import substitution, growth of foreign investment and wages

... dropped by 155. Moreover, foreign investment increased by 1.3 times ... City Executive Committee’s control. Investments are also a priority: last ...

lazarevich , Minsk , investment , import substitution

In 2023, foreign investors injected $7.7bn into Belarus’ economy

... .7 percent of all incoming investments) and Cyprus (14.7 percent ... the main investors. Foreign direct investment (FDI) totalled $5.8bn (74 ... percent of all incoming foreign investment). Last year, Belarus’ organisations directed ... $5.7bn of investment abroad. Significant volumes were sent ... of all directed investments). The share of direct investment accounted for 80 ...

Belarus , National Statistical Committee , investment

Japan to invest $300bn+ in joint chip project with S. Korea and US

The Japanese government has decided to invest about 45bn Yen (about $305bn) in a project – involving companies from Japan, the US and South Korea – to develop and produce a new type of semiconductor, TASS reports Photo: www.r According to Japan’s Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Ken Saito, the country hopes that this project will play a decisive role in the future, being a ‘game-changer in the semiconductor market’. It is noted that Japanese telecommunications giants Nippon ...

Japan , US , South Korea , semiconductor , investment

Media: Pakistan expects $1bn from Russia and UAE to modernise railway infrastructure

... to receive approximately $1bn in investment from Russia and the United ... the Pakistani railway sector. This investment will be used to build ...

Pakistan , Russia , UAE , railway , investment

EDB will allocate about $1.5bn in Belarus by 2026

... . By 2026, the volume of investments in Belarus will amount to ... strategy targets. The areas of investment are traditional: transport, energy, medicine ...

EDB , finance , investment

Expert on creating attractive conditions for investment activities

... effects of the placement of investment projects and the costs ... commented on the stimulation of investment activity by the state. ... been developed. Basically, this is investment project lending, the possibility of ... is a deterrent to attracting investments. A potential investor always evaluates ... joint, both public and private investments are made, so some ... times more expensive than the investment project itself. Periodic difficulties on ... number of changes to the investment attractiveness of the Belarusian ...

Belarus , investment , logistics , analytics

Belarus’ Economy Ministry reported on economic effect of regional investments

The economic effect of regional investments is measured not only in ... effect of the implementation of investment projects includes the reduced costs ...

import substitution , economy , investment , Belarus

Belarus, China interested in completing negotiations on service-investment agreement by late 2023

... on trade in services and investment between Belarus and China were ... on the text of the investment chapter, as well as comments ... obligations on access to the investment market, taking into account the ... volume of production and direct investment. The 7th round of talks ...

Belarus , china , investment

Politico: White House nears unprecedented restrictions on investment in China

... of imposing unprecedented restrictions on investment in China – as noted by ... notify the authorities of new investments in Chinese tech companies and ...

US , China , investment

Investments paid off

... the President. The state has invested more than $4 billion in ... , more than Br10 million were invested in expanding production, as a ... work with virtually no waste. Investments in the furniture factory of ... Br1 million 700 thousand of investments were disbursed. This year, Slonimmebel ...

woodworking , investment , FanDOK , Slonimmebel

Lukashenko spoke about foreign investors who left Belarus

The President of Belarus instructed how to deal with enterprises left in Belarus by foreign investors. Aleksandr Lukashenko announced the relevant instructions today when making personnel decisions. Photo: “Enterprises that were founded by foreign investors or privatised, and foreign investors received these enterprises, and today (mostly from unfriendly countries and others) have left – wave to them and cross yourself that they left you property,” Aleksandr Lukashenko said. “ ...

Lukashenko , investment

In H1 2022, foreign investments into Belarusian economy made $4.3bn

From January-June 2022, foreigners invested $4.3bn into Belarus’ real ... (45.3 percent of all investments), Cyprus (20 percent), the Netherlands ... the same time, foreign direct investments amounted to $3.8bn – or ... of all foreign investments. In turn, Belarus’ organisations invested $2.7bn abroad ... (85.2 percent). In addition, investments to Ukraine (3.3 percent ... the National Statistical Committee, direct investments accounted for 94.7 percent ...

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Smart city investment

... an advisor on economic and investment issues to the leaders of ... a city with a total investment of $4.5 billion. As ... Minsk World Trade Centre. The investment project will be running till ...

Lukashenko , Emirati company Emaar Properties , investment

Investment project deadlines extended in Belarus

Deadlines for implementation of investment projects will be extended following ... and conditions of implementation of investment projects for up to three ... functional composition of objects during investment project implementation. The decision will ... implementation and the purpose of investment projects.

Council of Ministers , government , investment

Foreigners invested $3.4bn in Belarus in three months

... (37.7 percent of all investments), Cyprus (22.9 percent), the ... (6.6 percent). Foreign direct investment amounted to $3bn – or 88 ... of all foreign investment. In turn, Belarus’ organisations invested $1.6bn abroad ... Cyprus (2.2 percent). Direct investments accounted for 95.5 percent ...

economy , investment , statistics

Foreign investments in Belarus made $8.7bn last year

Last year, foreign investments into the real sector of ... (13.9 percent). Foreign direct investments made up $6.6bn, or ... .9bn abroad. The country mostly invested into economic entities of Russia ... Cyprus (2.4 percent). Direct investments accounted for 93.7 percent ...

investment , economy

Lukashenko approved state investment programme for 2022

... , has approved the 2022 state investment programme by his Decree No ... .by Taking into account the investment opportunities of the Republican budget ...

Lukashenko , investment

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