Posted: 17.03.2023 11:54:00

Investments paid off

Growth in production volumes, a waste-free line, a wide geography of deliveries — the modernisation of woodworking enterprises has significantly increased their competitiveness

One of the most significant projects for the country’s economy implemented in recent years has been a large-scale modernisation of the woodworking industry, carried out by decision of the President. The state has invested more than $4 billion in this area, and enterprises have also made a significant contribution to the technical re-equipment. As a result, the volume of production increased several times in comparable prices, the depth of processing of raw materials exceeded 90 percent, and almost the entire range of manufactured goods is both import-substituting and export-oriented. Our journalists visited woodworking enterprises and saw how they work in the current difficult economic conditions. 

CNC machine operator of FanDOK Georgy Mayer

The priority is to expand sales markets

It is well known that our country produces several times more furniture than it consumes. That is why it is necessary to constantly expand the geography of supplies and assortment. Modernisation, a well-built strategy and work with personnel help FanDOK to withstand competition. In 2021-2022 alone, more than Br10 million were invested in expanding production, as a result of which furniture production tripled in a year: in December 2022 alone, it was produced here for Br1,600,000. 
FanDOK mainly produces the raw materials and primary products required for the manufacture of products independently, ranging from logging and butchering. The enterprises of the open joint-stock company also produce lumber, plywood, furniture boards, blockboard and other woodworking products.
Russia, Europe, Central Asia — the geography of exports is expanding every year. The trend towards environmental friendliness, which is gaining popularity in the world, has worked in favour of Bobruisk manufacturers. FanDOK does not use chipboard and artificial materials — everything is only natural. That is why the furniture of the Bobruisk enterprise is in demand in the foreign market. 
For example, in the near future the company will ship a large batch of furniture to Uzbekistan. Director General of FanDOK Andrey Partyankov recently visited this country in person and established business ties. The first shipment to Azerbaijan is also planned.
Thanks to the full production cycle — from timber harvesting to finished products — the Bobruisk enterprise wins in the market in terms of prices. This allows them to compete with popular foreign brands, to replace the products of those who have left our country and Russia. 
Before sawing round timber, FanDOK first determines exactly what will come of it, so it is possible to work with virtually no waste.
Investments in the furniture factory of the enterprise allowed to significantly expand the range. The premises were renovated at the production facility, several production lines were purchased, both new and not used by other woodworking enterprises. The latter have been improved and modernised. 

Most of Slonimmebel’s products go outside the country

Also, the factory installed equipment for the production of door panels from solid wood with a capacity of three thousand pieces per month. The products were in high demand.
It is noteworthy that here they rely not only on the mass consumer, but also offer exclusive options, Andrey Partyankov emphasises, “We recently participated in a tender for the supply of furniture to the Zhilichi Palace and Park Ensemble and won. We put there 165 pieces of various furniture with elements of carving, gilding, made by the hands of our craftsmen. Wood carvers Sergey Malkov, Vladimir Kalinkin and Yuri Syugay are creative people, real artists. You set a task for them, and they solve it in a complex way — from drawing, sketch to implementation.”
They don’t stop there. Improving technologies and production is a constant work. This is the only way to stay on the market, says Director General of FanDOK, “Now we are implementing a programme to modernise the drying equipment of the plywood plant, which will further increase the volume of plywood by 12 percent. At the same time, equipment for the manufacture of chairs is being installed in the furniture workshop. It is planned to establish the production of new products by the end of this year.”

From Russia to Türkiye

Slonimmebel is an export-oriented company that successfully competes with domestic and foreign market players. To maintain a high level of external sales in production, new technologies are introduced annually, modernisation is carried out, which entails the development of a new range of products. In 2022 alone, more than Br1 million 700 thousand of investments were disbursed. This year, Slonimmebel plans to expand its product range, focusing on the development of new types of facade.
Most of Slonimmebel’s products go outside the country. The share of exports in the total volume of shipment is 92 percent. The furniture is successfully realised in the markets of Russia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Türkiye and Georgia. The company has consistently worked in difficult economic conditions during the epidemiological situation.

Wood carver of FanDOK Vladimir Kalinkin

When purchasing materials, Slonimmebel focuses on domestic goods. Board materials for the production of furniture — MDF and chipboard are purchased mainly in Ivatsevichi, Mosty and Smorgon. However, only fittings are of foreign origin. The company specialises in the production of bedroom furniture sets — more than 1,500 of them are produced per month. About 400 more units are the production of cabinet furniture. 
In the workshops, work does not stop even for a minute. Every now and then wagons and carts pass, loaded to the top with material and already finished products. There are areas where manual labour is indispensable. Painting of products is done mainly by hand. Stroke after stroke, gold paint is applied to the details of future bedrooms.
With the help of 320 people, real masterpieces are created in the workshops. In them — a piece of work of each worker. 
Director of Slonimmebel Oleg Shvaydyuk has been with the company for 3 years. The head notes the social stability of the enterprise and the maximum employment of the team, “To maintain a high level of exports, we annually introduce new technologies and modernise production. At the end of 2022, the growth rate compared to the corresponding period last year is 115.4 percent. Last year we upgraded our fleet of vehicles and purchased new machines.”
Slonimmebel plans to increase production volumes. A new line is being installed, which will allow the company to expand its product range.

By Irina Mendeleva, Anna Kasper
Photos by Olga Bukhrova, Aleksey Bibikov