Belarus visited by 143 thousand foreign tourists in 2022

Last year, foreign citizens made 4.9 million trips to Belarus, 143 thousand tourists visited the republic as part of organised tours, the National Statistical Committee reports According to the source, among Belarus’ guests were citizens of 85 countries last year, and the largest number of tourists came from the Russian Federation: 136,000. The average length of stay made five days.

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Deflation recorded in Belarus in August

The National Statistical Committee has released new figures ...

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We appreciate what we have

... famous Belarusian nature The National Statistical Committee has published an annual ... its protection. The publication presents statistical indicators of ‘green growth’ and ... , Head of the Environmental Statistics Department of the Main Department ... of Agriculture and Environment Statistics of the National Statistical Committee of the ... threat based on the recorded statistical indicators,” Ekaterina Maslovskaya draws attention ... However, along with this, Belarusian statistics also record an increase in ...

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Belarus-Russia trade turnover up 7-fold since Union State creation

... the Chairperson of the National Statistical Committee of Belarus, Inna Medvedeva ...

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Belstat: as of early 2023, Belarus’ population totalled 9,200,600 people

... Belarus ( Belstat ) has prepared a statistical review for World Population Day ...

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World population exceeded 8 billion people

The world population has reached 8 billion people, with the male population accounting for 50.5 percent and the female population standing at 49.5 percent – as reported on the portal It is noted that the population of the Earth is already more than 8,009,310,000 and continues to increase. The male population is 50.5 percent, and the female population is 49.5 percent. At the same time, as RIA Novosti reported earlier, according to UN forecasts, the world population would reach ...

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In H1 2022, foreign investments into Belarusian economy made $4.3bn

... – as reported by the National Statistical Committee photo: ... registered. According to the National Statistical Committee, direct investments accounted for ...

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Human capital is on the rise

The population of Belarus in statistics and facts Ten years ago, ... the main thing today. Recent statistics show that our country is ...

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319 people , including 290 Ukrainians, were granted Belarusian citizenship after Aleksandr Lukashenko signed the relevant decree PHOTO BY VITALY PIVOVARCHI According to the Belarusian leader’s press service, the Head of State signed decree No.171 on May 12th to grant citizenship of the Republic of Belarus to a number of people. The Belarusian citizenship has been granted to 319 people, including 290 Ukrainians. Those are mostly people, who came to Belarus from Ukraine’s Donetsk Region and ...


Foreigners invested $3.4bn in Belarus in three months

... – as informed by the National Statistical Committee Among the major investors ...

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Belarus increased exports of goods and services to $4bn

In January 2022, Belarus increased its exports of goods and services by 31.5 percent to reach $4.029bn compared to the same period of 2021 – as reported by BelTA with reference to the National Bank data The foreign trade turnover of goods and services amounted to $7.362bn – up 28.7 percent compared to January 2021 – including imports making up $3.333bn (an increase of 25.6 percent). The positive balance of foreign trade in goods and services was at the level of $695.9m (in January 2021, the ...

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Oldest woman in Minsk Region is 113

Based on the latest data, 62 residents of Minsk Region are older than 100 PHOTO: www.PIXABAY.COM “At the moment, about 370,000 people receive pensions from the regional labour, employment and social protection bodies. Slightly more than 50,000 of them are 80 or older, and 62 citizens have already celebrated their 100 th anniversary,” Tamara Krasovskaya, the Chairperson of the Committee on Labour, Employment and Social Protection at Minsk’s Regional Executive Committee, says. The greatest number ...

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Unemployment rate down in Belarus

... year – as informed by the Statistics Department of the Eurasian Economic ... .1 percent. According to the Statistics Department data, the lowest unemployment ...

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Every third senior Belarusian citizen uses the Internet

... – as informed by the National Statistical Committee Photo: www. ... Internet. According to the National Statistical Committee’s data, in cities ...

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