Pinevich: medical sector will become driving force in Belarus-Uzbekistan roadmap

The Days of Healthcare and Medical Education: Uzbekistan-Belarus ... and in the regions. Belarus’ Healthcare Minister Dmitry Pinevich noted during ... best practices of the Belarusian healthcare system, starting from its structure ...

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Lukashenko: much will be done to improve healthcare by late 2023

... be done to improve the healthcare system by the end of ... state of affairs in the healthcare sector photo: ... lot in this regard in healthcare. The State Control Committee controls ... threat to human health. Therefore, healthcare needs to be brought to ... the issue of improving the healthcare system.

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WHO does not rule out the emergence of new pandemics

... place in Astana, attended by healthcare ministers and experts from over ... participants intend to set the healthcare agenda for the coming years ...

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Italian doctor: Belarusian medicine seriously focused on patients

... been allocated to the national healthcare system from the state budget ... to the improvement of the healthcare system in the country, but ...

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Lukashenko on housing for medical staff: decisions must be fair

... problems were identified in the healthcare sector, the housing issue also ... once again reminded the entire healthcare system of the need to ... will be considered when the Healthcare Minister and the Government report ...

Lukashenko , Council of Ministers , healthcare

WHO develops new emergency response plan

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has updated its strategic preparedness and response plan for COVID-19 and health emergencies, accepted for work until 2029, TASS reports with reference to the WHO statement photo: The document talks about investment and focus on collaborative surveillance, including sustaining and building laboratory capacity and using digital tools to collect and analyse COVID-19 data, empowerment to take informed decisions on the implementation of public ...

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Belarus’ Healthcare Ministry, Chinese Sinopharm signed agreement on supply of medical equipment

... to China, representatives of Belarus’ Healthcare Ministry signed an agreement with ... implementation of several projects, the Healthcare Ministry reports in its Telegram ...

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Opinion: Belarus’ President never hypes himself, but solves real problems

... Improving the Efficiency of the Healthcare System At a meeting on ... to eliminate all shortcomings in healthcare by January 1st, 2024, ... improving the efficiency of the healthcare system. “Any European president is ... “Aleksandr Lukashenko’s order on healthcare is another proof that the ... set. The monitoring group on healthcare will continue its work, and ... well that socially significant topics (healthcare, education) and the economy, on ... salaries, it gives access to healthcare and provides an opportunity to ...

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Lukashenko signed executive order to improve healthcare system efficiency

... Improving the Efficiency of the Healthcare System – as reported by the ... instructions to restore order in healthcare facilities at all levels and ... buildings and structures of healthcare institutions. The Healthcare Ministry was instructed to ... continue the inspection of the healthcare system by the end of ...

Lukashenko , order , healthcare

Lukashenko: responsible persons will be answerable in case of increase in female oncological diseases

... today's meeting on topical healthcare issues , the President of Belarus ... serious shortcomings in the national healthcare system. As she noted, citizens ... ." "Not only the [Healthcare] Minister, but you as well ...

Lukashenko , medicine , healthcare

Maternity and child welfare services remain a hallmark of Belarusian healthcare

... remain the hallmark of Belarusian healthcare, with low levels of infant ... psychological counselling – as stated by Healthcare Minister Dmitry Pinevich in his ... expanded meeting of the Belarusian Healthcare Ministry. “We boast an impressive ...

Belarus , Pinevich , healthcare , maternity

Healthcare workers across Germany go on strike

Employees of German medical institutions began a warning strike, announced earlier by the country’s second largest trade union Verdi, Tagesschau reports photo: www.r It is noted that employees of hospitals, psychiatric clinics, care facilities and emergency services are participating in the strike. According to the Tagesschau, in Bavaria alone, more than 30 municipal hospitals and district clinics, as well as several institutions providing care for the elderly are taking part in the ...

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Kochanova: co-operation with Cuba in the field of healthcare is very important for Belarus

... Cuba in the field of healthcare, along the scientific, educational ... priority areas – the issue of healthcare,” the Chairperson of the Council ... – paying serous attention to its healthcare branch. This co-operation is ... threats are emerging in the healthcare system these days, as well ... have a Cuban one. Our healthcare systems have worked very quickly ... development of liaisons between our healthcare systems as a result of ... Oleg Rummo, Belarus’ First Deputy Healthcare Minister Yelena Krotkova, and Ambassador ...

kochanova , healthcare , cuba

Expert explains difference between Belarusian and Western approaches to medical care

... upon. “Preservation of universal free healthcare in the country was the ...

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Gryzlov: Belarus, Russia able to replace Western technologies with their own

... board of the two states’ healthcare ministries, BelTA reports "We ...

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President: medical care should always be of high quality

... report to the President by Healthcare Minister Dmitry Pinevich The Head ... noted that the country’s healthcare system performed well amid COVID ... pandemic, “My gratitude to the healthcare system and doctors is not ... -equipped to provide good-quality healthcare services. And the COVID-19 ... of mentoring.” The country’s healthcare system will be inspected in ... specialists, who will check the healthcare system, and come to hospitals ... country. Everyone is involved, including healthcare. From medical kits to the ...

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Lukashenko warns Healthcare Minister and other officials that there will be no mercy

Being reported by Healthcare Minister Dmitry Pinevich, the Belarusian ... to check how the higher healthcare institution would work. As I ... who will check both the healthcare system and selectively, unexpectedly check ... regard, the President addressed the Healthcare Ministry’s leadership, Speaker of ...

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Lukashenko instructed to raise salaries for teachers and doctors, stop building palaces

Salary growth in the healthcare and education system, as well ... medical field were discussed during Healthcare Minister Dmitry Pinevich’s report ... stop building palaces both in healthcare and in education. We need ...

Lukashenko , healthcare

Lukashenko highlights key points for Belarusian healthcare system

... state of affairs in the healthcare system were discussed today at ... of Independence. Being reported by Healthcare Minister Dmitry Pinevich, Aleksandr Lukashenko ... nowadays, “Everyone was involved, including healthcare: from first-aid kits to ...

Lukashenko , healthcare

Lukashenko: no one in the world coped with COVID as good as Belarus did

... has been reported today by Healthcare Minister Dmitry Pinevich, and the ... that my gratitude to the healthcare system and doctors is not ... is not only because our healthcare system has chosen a correct ... confirms the fact that the healthcare system operates well under a ...

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