WHO: four major industries cause 2.7m deaths each year in Europe

... to the World Health Organisation (WHO), 2.7 million people in ... , TASS reports Photo: www.reuters.com The WHO Regional Office for Europe ... being nullified. In this regard, WHO insists on stricter regulation of ...


WHO confirmed case of human infection with bird flu in India

... , Reuters reports Photo: www.reuters.com According to WHO, the patient was ...

india , bird flu , WHO

WHO calls for reducing salt consumption in Europe

... Office for Europe (WHO/Europe) reported that cardiovascular diseases ... , TASS reports photo: www.reuters.com According to WHO, heart and vascular ... as heart attack and stroke. WHO noted that most Europeans consume ... intake, working with food producers who benefit most from salty foods ...

WHO , Europe , salt , health , hypertension

New form of mpox discovered in Congo’s largest outbreak

... , The Associated Press reports Photo: www.apnews.com According to the ... World Health Organisation (WHO), more than 4,500 suspected ... situation released last week, the WHO said that a new version ...

WHO , Congo , mpox

WHO: global cholera vaccine stockpile runs empty

... from a joint article by WHO Chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus and ... Hakainde Hichilema, TASS reports photo www.reuters.com “By January 2024 ...

WHO , cholera , vaccine

China records first human infection with avian influenza A(H10N5) virus

... informed the World Health Organisation (WHO) of one confirmed case of ... virus worldwide, TASS reports Photo: www.freepik.com According to the ... WHO office in Geneva, at the ... -human spread ‘is considered low’. WHO noted that on January 27th ... is considered low, but the WHO has advised the public to ...

WHO , China , avian influenza

WHO: vaccination failures and lack of medicines exacerbates risk of infections in Gaza

World Health Organisation (WHO) spokesperson Tarik Jašarević said ... Gaza Strip, TASS reports photo: www.reuters.com Tarik Jašarevi ... disease in the region. A WHO official drew attention to the ... diseases’. Yašarević said that WHO is studying options for transporting ...

WHO , Gaza

‘Disease X’, 20 times deadlier than COVID, to be discussed in Switzerland

... Novosti reports photo: www.reuters.com The WHO has reportedly warned of ... ahead. It is noted that WHO leader Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the ...

WHO , Switzerland , COVID , disease X

WHO urges increased safety measures due to new coronavirus variant JN.1

The UN World Health Organisation (WHO) is calling for vigilance and ... .1, RIA Novosti reports photo: www.pixabay.com A highly mutated ... rapidly throughout the world, with WHO classifying it as a group ... on Pirola. For this reason, WHO has downgraded the status of ... other genuine variants of Pirola. WHO stresses the importance of following ...

WHO , COVID-19 , virus , healthcare

WHO: global health spending in 2021 totalled almost $10tr and was unevenly distributed

... World Health Organisation (WHO), TASS reports photo: www.reuters.com In a ... , celebrated annually on December 12th, WHO noted that global health spending ... countries were about $4,000,” WHO experts noted. According to the ... the world’s population. The WHO believes that investment in healthcare ... debt service obligations. According to WHO Assistant Director-General for Universal ... withstand these shocks,” concluded the WHO representative.

WHO , healthcare

WHO concerned about increased consumption of antibiotics in Europe

The WHO Regional Office for Europe has ... (AMR), TASS reports photo: www.pixabay.com WHO experts include AMR among ... , in 14 countries of the WHO European Region it is 33 ...

WHO , Europe , antibiotics , AMR

WHO: one child dies in Gaza every ten minutes

... reports with reference to WHO statement Photo: www.reuters.com The World ...

israel , palestine , who , children

WHO registers global surge in cholera outbreaks

The World Health Organisation (WHO) reported that the number of ... , TASS reports Photo: www.freepik.com According to WHO, cholera cases in ... have reported cholera outbreaks. The WHO said that given the large ...

WHO , cholera

WHO does not rule out the emergence of new pandemics

... -epidemic control – as stated by WHO Regional Director for Europe Hans ... Kluge, RIA Novosti reports photo: www.reuters.com The 73rd session ... of the WHO Regional Committee for Europe is ... diagnosis and treatment,” noted the WHO Regional Director for Europe.

WHO , pandemic , healthcare

WHO hopes there will be no new coronavirus pandemic

... Trade Peter Szijjártó said, WHO Director General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus ... in Geneva, TASS reports. photo: www.reuters.com Peter Szijjárt ... 2023. On March 11th, 2020, WHO characterised the coronavirus outbreak as ...

WHO , pandemic , coronavirus

WHO demands more information from China on COVID-19 origin

The World Health Organisation (WHO) demands additional data from the ... , RIA Novosti reports photo: www.reuters.com The WHO wants ‘full access ... the agenda – as noted by WHO Director General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus ... the Chinese authorities give permission. WHO Chief expressed confidence that sooner ...

WHO , China , COVID-19

Sweden to expand support for WHO in 2023

... for the World Health Organisation (WHO) this year with an additional ... of Sweden, TASS reports photo: www.reuters.com The announced 180 ... Sweden, which will go to WHO in addition to the annual ... more sustainable funding for the WHO, calling on other states to ...

Sweden , WHO

WHO warns of possible surge in tropical viral diseases in 2023-2024

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has launched activities to prepare ... s reports photo: www.reuters.com According to WHO Chief Adhanom Ghebreyesus ... 30 countries, according to the WHO.


WHO develops new emergency response plan

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has updated its strategic preparedness ... with reference to the WHO statement photo: www.reuters.com The document ... -19 vaccine. Dr. Catherine Smallwood, WHO/Europe Senior Emergency Officer, said ... Dr Hans Henri P. Kluge, WHO Regional Director for Europe.

WHO , emergency , plan , COVID-19 , healthcare

WHO: threat of new pandemic, much more dangerous than COVID, cannot be ruled out

... Novosti reports Photo: www.reuters.com At the WHO annual assembly in ... even more deadly potential.” The WHO Head also called on the ...

who , coronavirus

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