Belarus’ COVID vaccine to be ready by late 2023

... the progress in Belarusian coronavirus vaccine development According to the official ... , a prototype of the Belarusian vaccine has been developed, and ‘its ... method of cultivating the Belarusian vaccine in a bioreactor. As informed ... of the construction of a vaccine manufacturing plant is close to ... is being purchased. “The Belarusian vaccine will join the market in ...

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Belarus, Cuba discussed circulation of medicines

... Soberana and Soberana Plus COVID vaccines in Belarus. The drugs were ... developed by the Finlay Vaccine Institute and manufactured by BIOCEN ...

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WHO approves China’s Convidecia coronavirus vaccine

The World Health Organisation has approved China-manufactured Convidecia drug for emergency use – as reported by TASS , referring to the WHO press service Photo: The WHO explained that the effectiveness of the Convidecia vaccine in symptomatic disease was 64 percent, and in the case of severe coronavirus – 92 percent. The drug can be used to vaccinate people over 18 years of age.

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New COVID-19 vaccine research started

The research on a coronavirus vaccine based on virus-like particles, ... , with several people already been vaccinated with the new drug. No ... after the introduction of the vaccine were recorded. Based on this ... do not have antibodies are vaccinated.

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Russia to start testing edible coronavirus vaccine

... the world’s first edible vaccine against coronavirus infection, which tastes ... already created four variants of vaccine candidates... We hope very much ... believes that an edible coronavirus vaccine boasts several competitive advantages, one ... , the production of such a vaccine does not require the use ...

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When will kefir vaccine against COVID-19 become a reality?

... the development of a kefir vaccine against COVID-19, BelTA reports ... the creation of a kefir vaccine against COVID-19, which Russian ... . This prototype of the vaccine refers to vector vaccines. The bacterium Enterococcus ... . Those who want to be vaccinated need to drink two glasses ...

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Belarusian vaccine against COVID-19 under development

... of how work over Belarusian vaccine against COVID-19 is progressing ... company that will produce this vaccine. To date, the necessary equipment ... purchased in order to produce vaccines on industrial scales. Creation of ... be able to use [the vaccine] among Belarus’ population and beyond ... will be an inactivated vaccine – ‘virtually similar to vaccines that are now ...

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Preclinical trial of Belarusian COVID-19 vaccine scheduled

... of the Belarusian COVID-19 vaccine are planned to be conducted ... ;A prototype of the Belarusian vaccine is ready, and we have ... BelVitunipharm JSC. Here, the Belarusian vaccine will be produced. "As ... active component of the Belarusian vaccine will be produced at the ...

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Vaccine based on several COVID strains may be developed in Russia

... the possibility to develop polyvalent vaccines against COVID-19 on the ... develop such a polyvalent Sputnik [vaccine] which includes Delta, Omicron and ... develop such a more complex vaccine,” said Denis Logunov, Centre’s ...

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Pilot production of Belarusian vaccine against COVID-19 to be established in due time

Pilot production of the Belarusian vaccine against the coronavirus infection will ... plant for the production of vaccine against coronavirus infection, the current ...

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Sputnik V vaccine production standards recognised in Europe

... seventy countries, including Belarus. The vaccine is ranked second worldwide in ...

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New batch of coronavirus vaccine coming to Belarus from Beijing

A new batch of coronavirus vaccine has been sent today from ... new batch of COVID-19 vaccine produced by Sinopharm Corporation (Vero ... includes 1.1m doses of vaccine which the Belarusian side purchased ... of Belarus. The Vero Cell vaccine has proven to be an ... can also be used for vaccinating children from 3 years old ...

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Vaccine of hope

... possibility of creating a domestic vaccine against coronavirus was on December ... and when Belarusians will be vaccinated. What are scientists working on ... Photo by Aleksey Vyazmitinov Our vaccine will be inactivated whole-virion ... Scientists say that the Belarusian vaccine will become an analogue of ... the production of the domestic vaccine: at the first stage, ... Many are already producing these vaccines. We already have some expertise ... SARS. The only condition is vaccination: it will protect against serious ...

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Sputnik V full-cycle production planned in Belarus

... production of the Sputnik V vaccine is planned – as reported by ... to 10m doses of the vaccine. We have also calculated export ...

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Pinevich: China remains Belarus' most important strategic partner

... acceptance of the Chinese coronavirus vaccine. He stressed that China is ... : another batch of the Chinese vaccine was aboard (1.5m doses ... will be enough to vaccinate 750,000 people. Vaccination is now in ... will be able to get vaccinated without any problems,” the Healthcare ... localise production of the Chinese vaccine as it enjoys a high ... the first dose of COVID vaccines in the country. Incidence rates ... a choice in favour of vaccination,” he stressed.

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People’s health comes first

... uninterrupted supply of medicines and vaccines to healthcare organisations. DIRECT SPEECH ... is intensifying. In addition to vaccines, which are already well known ... . Scientists promise that our vaccine will be effective and safe ... the pilot industrial production of vaccines, based on the degree ... is to create a Belarusian vaccine against coronavirus. At the ... at BelVitunipharm and the finished vaccine at the Belmedpreparaty facilities. In ... effectiveness. Most likely, the Belarusian vaccine will be a two-dose ...

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Lukashenko signed decree envisaging domestic COVID-19 vaccine production

... of a domestic COVID-19 vaccine at BelVitunipharm JSC – as reported ... project envisages construction of a vaccine production facility in the village ... site for pilot production of vaccines – based on its infrastructure readiness ... a biotechnological cluster. Our domestic vaccine is being developed by organisations ... Sciences. A series of the vaccine prototype version is ready by ...

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Belarusian vaccine to be effective against different strains of coronavirus

... a candidate prototype of our vaccine. It was developed at ... any risk that our inactivated vaccine will be ineffective, since ... . Tarasenko also informed that vaccination against COVID-19 in line ... been included in the national vaccination calendar. “So far, people ... older than 18 can be vaccinated but, starting from 2022, ... we plan to vaccinate children 12+. This takes ... prospects for the supply of vaccines for children,” he added. ... Tarasenko, there are now enough vaccines available to Belarusians in the ...

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Lukashenko ready for vaccination by Belarusian vaccine

... to us from practice that vaccinated people get sick less, and ... Russian President Vladimir Putin was vaccinated with Sputnik V, while Joe ... Biden used a Pfizer vaccine. “What about me? We’ve ... as soon as our Belarusian vaccine is ready, we’ll get ... , please continue working over a vaccine. I’m ready to get ... only using our own – Belarusian – vaccine. I’m telling you this ...

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Belarus to start production of Sputnik V vaccine by late 2021

... the Russian Sputnik V coronavirus vaccine is planned to be launched ... of the Russian single-component vaccine is not a problem at ... when we see that the vaccine will be widely circulated,” Mr ...

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