Posted: 02.02.2023 13:38:00

Healthcare Ministry: Belarus’ coronavirus vaccine to be registered by late 2023

Belarus’ Healthcare Ministry intends to register a domestic vaccine against COVID-19 in December 2023 – as informed by Margarita Dosina, the Head of the Science Department at Belarus’ Healthcare Ministry, STV TV channel reports

According to Ms. Dosina, the drug will be classic: in the form of a solution.

“We have already developed a prototype, and the solution has already been tested on animals. The preliminary results showed that it is absolutely safe and, most importantly, effective," she said.

At the moment, the laboratory technology is being transferred to industrial production. “As a result, we will get pilot-industrial batches this year; there will be three of them, according to the rules. Preclinical tests on experimental animals will begin in the near future. Again, according to the safety rules, the drug must first of all show its safety, that it will absolutely not affect any processes in the body. Next of all, it will show its effectiveness," Ms. Dosina added.

Clinical trials will follow then, and – as stated by Ms. Dosina – the Belarusian vaccine will be able to protect against a new strain of coronavirus.