Oncologist: tattoos can provoke skin cancer

... if it can provoke skin cancer, and Prof. Sergei Abashin gives ... answer “Tattoos can provoke skin cancer, especially if they are made ...

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System for diagnosing brain cancer using drops of biofluids created in Japan

... nervous system, enabling to detect cancer cells in a patient’s ... efficiently isolate extracellular vesicles with cancer biomarkers from bio-fluids. In ... , and other forms of brain cancer that relies on extracellular vesicles ...

Japan , science , cancer

Cancer immunotherapy using stem cells successfully tested in Japan

... carried out an experiment on cancer immunotherapy using induced stem cells ... an enhanced ability to attack cancer-affected tissues. They were then ... injected into rodents afflicted with cancer. As a result, it was ... to treat patients with blood cancer. CAR-T is the removal ... body, programming them to fight cancer, and then returning them back ...

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Belarus scales up production of cancer vaccine

... production of the so-called cancer vaccine – as reported by BelTA ... in providing medical care to cancer patients are being introduced,” the ... : cervical, prostate, breast and colorectal cancer. This special programme helps either ... fairly significant indicator, showing that cancer is treatable. In addition, in ...

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About 15 anticancer drugs registered in Belarus over past decade

Production of complex high-tech anticancer drugs has been established in Belarus – as noted by Svetlana Babitskaya, from the National Academy of Sciences’ KhimPharmSintez Scientific-Practical Centre “A facility producing high-tech anticancer medicines operates in Belarus, and these drugs are, definitely, effective. After all, the so-called gold standard drugs are chosen when a production line is being prepared. Medicines of the 2nd and 3rd generation and, as a rule, targeted ones are taken; ...

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Belarusian oncology is leader among CIS and Eastern European states

... Research at the Alexandrov National Cancer Centre, laureate of the 2020 ... example, in terms of bladder cancer, the Republic of Belarus is ... International Agency for Research on Cancer, while the created material and ...

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Krasny: there is a theory that COVID-19 can be ‘a cure’ for cancer

... , in some cases, even cure cancer patients photo: www.belta.b ... due to increased mortality of cancer patients from COVID since these ... turned out that, in 2020, cancer mortality also decreased. Moreover, only ... 240 more cancer patients died then from causes ...

COVID-19 , cancer

Lukashenko: cancer care system works efficiently

... Polyakov, about relations with other cancer centres in the country and ... treatment of patients with bladder cancer. Death rate has more than ...

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