Sputnik V is one of world’s leaders in terms of the number of vaccinated people

... terms of the number of vaccinated people worldwide, according to ... which the Russian coronavirus vaccine Sputnik V is one ... terms of the number of vaccinated.” According to the medical ... leading manufacturers of COVID-19 vaccines have produced more than ... 16 billion doses of vaccines, of which 13 billion ... from the use of national vaccination programmes in various regions ... on the Sputnik V vaccine has been published in leading ... journals: The Lancet, Nature, Vaccines, Cell Reports Medicine and others ...

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Over 5.38m Belarusians fully vaccinated against COVID-19

... passed the first stage of vaccination against coronavirus infection, with over ... ,380,000 completing the full vaccination course – as reported in the ... received one dose of the vaccine against COVID-19, of which ... ,500 children completed the entire vaccination course. It is noted that ... received one dose of the vaccine, with 57.5 percent being ...

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Over 55% Belarusians fully vaccinated against COVID

... received one dose of the vaccine against coronavirus: over 5,173m ... of them have been fully vaccinated It is also reported that ... them have completed a full vaccination course. 61.4 percent of ... of them are now fully vaccinated. As stated by the Healthcare ... Ministry, vaccination against coronavirus among adults has ... included into Belarus’ national vaccination calendar. Vaccination against COVID-19 among 12 ... in the list of preventive vaccinations based on the epidemic situation ...

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Belarus NAS to make COVID-19 vaccine ready for use by late 2022

... plans to transfer the coronavirus vaccine for use – as stated by ... Ministry – we have created a vaccine prototype that is now undergoing ... the year, the Belarus-made vaccine is supposed to be ready ... NAS Presidium added that other vaccines are also being developed at ...

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New batch of Vero Cell vaccine to arrive in Belarus, following presidents’ agreement

... the Sinopharm (Vero Cell) coronavirus vaccine and over 1.5m syringes ... of 1.5m doses of vaccine to Belarus was reached during ... .5m doses of a similar vaccine purchased on commercial terms.

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Effectiveness of Sputnik V against Omicron exceeds 70%

... effectiveness of the Sputnik V vaccine against the new Omicron variant ... COVID-19 and received one vaccination have longer protection against coronavirus ... the immunity provided by the vaccine – is more effective than natural ... immunity alone or vaccination alone,” stated the doctor.

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Belarus starts vaccinating children against COVID

... in the country to be vaccinated against coronavirus. The boy explains ... ’s more convenient to get vaccinated. Moreover, the drug would ... trainees have already been vaccinated with the Chinese vaccine, and they are ... the Chinese Vero Cell vaccine for this. Vaccination will take place at ... same across the country. Before vaccination, parents must sign a consent ... to their family members. Accordingly, vaccination is important: it will make ... adequate immune response. I think vaccination will develop at a good ...

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3.4m Belarusians fully vaccinated

At least 3.4m people have been fully vaccinated against coronavirus infection in Belarus – as reported by the Healthcare Ministry’s Telegram channel Photo: It is noted that 4,515,000+ people have received one vaccine jab by now, including more than 3,476,000 Belarusians who have had their full course of vaccination.

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Vaccination of children against COVID-19 approved in Belarus

... 12-17 can now be vaccinated in Belarus with a Chinese ... vaccine – as reported by the Healthcare ... sign an informed consent for vaccination which is allowed no earlier ... of contraindications to children’s vaccination. At the moment, an inactivated ... Chinese vaccine against COVID-19 infection (Vero ... Cell) is being offered for vaccination. Vaccination of children against COVID-19 ...

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Healthcare Ministry issued permit for import and use of CoviVac vaccine

... and use of the CoviVac vaccine against coronavirus infection – as ... inactivated, whole-virionic, concentrated, purified vaccine – produced by Chumakov Federal Scientific ... Ministry explains that the CoviVac vaccine was developed in line with ... same principle as the classic vaccines against smallpox, polio, measles ... viruses. Scientists stress the CoviVac vaccine is usually better tolerated than ... Sputnik V. The vaccine was registered in Russia in ... By the way, the Sinopharm vaccine is now widely used in ...

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Belarus will recommend vaccinating children against COVID-19 as soon as such vaccines become available

... ;As soon as we have vaccines permitted for use among children ... , we will immediately recommend this vaccination," Mr. Pinevich informed. According ...

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Refuges provided with masks and will be vaccinated

... been distributed among refugees and vaccination against COVID-19 is to ... ’ve decided to start their vaccination against COVID-19 – using the ... Chinese vaccine,” the official said yesterday. It ... and, as a consequence, a vaccination point was opened. Refugees who ...

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1,000+ foreign citizens vaccinated in Belarus

... citizens have been registered for vaccination in Belarusian medical institutions – as ... ,128 have undergone a full vaccination course. “We mostly received ... at Belarusian universities. They are vaccinated for free, like Belarusian students ... . The cost of vaccination depends on the drug. Two ... visa if they come for vaccination purposes. They can stay in ... required to cross the border. Vaccination of foreign citizens is available ... can be submitted via .

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President’s Reserve Fund to allocate Br140m to Healthcare Ministry

... used to purchase COVID-19 vaccines and medicines – including drugs to ... uninterrupted supply of medicines, including vaccines, to healthcare facilities.

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Pinevich: 5m Belarusians to be vaccinated by late 2021

... people are planned to be vaccinated countrywide by the end ... joint effort of all people. Vaccination is an essential component and ... registering an increasing number of vaccinated people. More than 2.9m ... the first components of various vaccines in circulation at the moment ... – 5m people will be vaccinated in the country. This will ... . “As for the Chinese vaccine, it is now more aimed ... at vaccinating pregnant and nursing mothers. There ... no problems with the Chinese vaccine in the country,” he ...

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Tarasenko: at least 60% of children to be vaccinated in Belarus in 2022

... countries, children are currently being vaccinated against coronavirus. In Belarus, boys ... and older will probably be vaccinated with the Sputnik M drug ... all depends on supplies. The vaccination campaign can start in December ... , in 2022, we plan to vaccinate at least 60 percent of ...

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Over 2.6m Belarusians received first dose of COVID vaccine

... first dose of the coronavirus vaccine, of which more than 2 ... a full course of vaccination. Of all those vaccinated, more than 30 ... ,800 have been vaccinated with the Sputnik Light vaccine – as informed by ... 247,000 Belarusians have been vaccinated with two doses in the ... departments have also completed the vaccination course. Around 84 percent of ... two doses of the COVID vaccine. In addition, 94 percent of ... chronic diseases have been vaccinated. Among fully vaccinated individuals there are also ...

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Lukashenko: masks and vaccination is a personal matter for everyone

... distancing, and so on) and vaccination. Some assert that masks are ... make things worse. As for vaccination, some are afraid of it ... everyone: masks, protective measures, and vaccination are exclusively a personal matter ...

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Over 1.7m Belarusians fully vaccinated against COVID

... the first dose of the vaccine against coronavirus, and over 1 ... ,000 people have been fully vaccinated – as informed by the Healthcare ... more than 210,700 fully vaccinated people in the Brest Region ... organisations and agencies have been vaccinated against COVID-19.

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Co-operation programme

... and monks actively promote the vaccination campaign Representatives of the Healthcare ... on the topic of the vaccination campaign, concluding that everyone should ... this once again confirms that vaccination is the most effective method ... the church is not against vaccination, so if the congregation hears ... the older generation, are fully vaccinated, “I know that in ... absolutely all the inhabitants were vaccinated, in some — selectively. This ... to explain and answer questions. Vaccination is a concern for many ...

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