FM: Belarus ready to share experience in fight against pandemic

... to combat the spread of coronavirus infection turned out to be ... developed its own vaccine against coronavirus infection, and it is ready ...

Aleinik , coronavirus

India reported new strain of COVID-19

... that 54 new carriers of coronavirus were identified in the country ...

coronavirus , india

China preparing for new coronavirus peak in June

... peak of the 2023 second coronavirus wave is likely at the ...

china , coronavirus

WHO: threat of new pandemic, much more dangerous than COVID, cannot be ruled out

The Head of the World Health Organisation, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, said that the threat of a new pandemic – much more dangerous than COVID – cannot be ruled out, RIA Novosti reports Photo: At the WHO annual assembly in Geneva, Mr. Ghebreyesus said, “The threat of another variant of COVID, which can lead to new outbreaks of the disease and deaths, remains. There is also the threat of a new pathogen with even more deadly potential.” The WHO Head also called on the whole world ...

who , coronavirus

Japan lifted all COVID border controls on April 29th

Japan dropped all remaining COVID-related entry requirements on April 29th, 2023, nine days earlier than originally announced – as reported by TASS with reference to the Kyodo news agency photo: Japan had previously planned to remove COVID-19 travel restrictions on May 8th, 2023. This is the same day that the status of the COVID-19 virus is set to be downgraded to a common infectious disease (such as seasonal influenza). However, the government decided to bring the ...

Japan , coronavirus

WHO Chief says the organisation still working to identify the origins of COVID-19

... of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, TASS reports Photo: www.reuters ...

WHO , coronavirus , diseases , US

Opinion: anti-COVID measures are large-scale experiment on people

... its own way to fight coronavirus infection, the anti-COVID measures ... forced to be vaccinated against coronavirus infection, while vaccinations are done ...

coronavirus , petrovsky , opinion

Singapore lifted all restrictions imposed due to coronavirus pandemic

... to the spread of the coronavirus, according to The Straits Times ... present the situation with the coronavirus pandemic remains stable both in ... required to do tests for coronavirus and show the results. " ...

Singapore , coronavirus

EU to pay 50m Euros for vaccines for Ukraine

... European Union plans to purchase coronavirus vaccines for their further delivery ... COVID-19 caused by the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2’, and the ...

eu , Ukraine , coronavirus , vaccine

Permission for AstraZeneca use in COVID prevention revoked

... -Swedish AstraZeneca aimed to prevent coronavirus in emergency circumstances, TASS reports ... – which effectively prevents infection with coronavirus infection for up to six ...

usa , coronavirus , vaccine

WHO extended COVID-19 public health emergency for three months

... due to the spread of coronavirus infection – for another three months ... period of the spread of coronavirus infection, at least 674.8 ... of cured after infection with coronavirus reaches more than 647.1 ...

WHO , coronavirus , global health

WHO recommends ten-day isolation for people with COVID-19 symptoms

The World Health Organisation recommends ten-day self-isolation for those with coronavirus infection symptoms, RIA Novosti reports Photo: Janet Diaz, the lead specialist of the WHO COVID-19 response programme, explained during a briefing in Geneva, “In its new guidelines, WHO recommends ten days of isolation for people with COVID-19 symptoms and five days for those without symptoms."

who , coronavirus , COVID-19

Lithuania forced to dispose of 1.2m doses of coronavirus vaccine

... about 1.2m doses of coronavirus vaccine, because the country failed ... -200 people were vaccinated against coronavirus a day, the government decided ...

lithuania , vaccine , coronavirus

Mainland China to lift anti-COVID restrictions for those coming from Hong Kong and Macau

... It is informed that if coronavirus is detected in those who ...

china , Hong Kong , coronavirus

Hong Kong may open border with mainland China due to weakening of anti-COVID measures

... a negative PCR test for coronavirus, done no earlier than 48 ...

Hong Kong , china , coronavirus

WHO hopeful coronavirus pandemic will end in 2023

... , the growing Omicron strain of coronavirus had just been identified in ...

WHO , coronavirus

Universal antibodies against coronaviruses detected in cats’ blood

... feline body, when infected with coronavirus, produces antibodies that can neutralise ... .com The SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus – which is the causative agent ... how infection with the feline coronavirus FCoV2, which often affects cats ... predisposition to the development of coronavirus infection. The researchers' interest in ... similar part of the human coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 is formed ... possibility of creating a universal coronavirus vaccine that can protect the ...

cats , science , coronavirus

China sent 2m more doses of coronavirus vaccine to Belarus

... the Sinopharm Corporation (Vero Cell) coronavirus vaccine and the same number ...

coronavirus , china , vaccine , belarus

US scientists claimed to have developed COVID strain with 80% kill rate

Researchers of the National Emerging Infectious Diseases Laboratory at Boston University (USA) have created a new variety of COVID-19, the lethality of which in experiments on mice was 80 percent, TASS reports Photo: According to the Daily Mail, scientists have created a hybrid virus that combines Omicron and an original strain from the Chinese city of Wuhan. Experiments on mice showed a mortality rate of 80 percent. At the same time, in the group of rodents that were infected ...

USA , scientists , coronavirus

WHO announces new wave of COVID-19 pandemic

... has begun.” The possibility of coronavirus and seasonal flu co-circulating ... not yet been vaccinated against coronavirus, so the countries of the ...

WHO , coronavirus , diseases

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