Posted: 16.11.2021 09:01:00

1,000+ foreign citizens vaccinated in Belarus

Almost 2,500 foreign citizens have been registered for vaccination in Belarusian medical institutions – as informed by Inna Karaban, the Head of the Healthcare Ministry’s Department of Hygiene, Epidemiology and Prevention

By now, 615 foreigners have received the first dose and 1,128 have undergone a full vaccination course.

“We mostly received applications from the Russian Federation (47.7 percent) – followed by Ukraine (13.3 percent), Latvia (10.2 percent), China (5.2 percent), Lithuania (3.7 percent), Germany (2.2 percent), Estonia (1.5 percent), Nigeria (1.8 percent), Korea and Kyrgyzstan (1.2 percent). Individual applications from the USA, Turkey, France, Finland, Nigeria, Moldova, Armenia, Turkmenistan, the Netherlands, Canada, Mexico, Norway, Poland and others also were submitted,” the specialist says, adding that this statistic does not include foreign students who study at Belarusian universities. They are vaccinated for free, like Belarusian students.

The cost of vaccination depends on the drug. Two doses of Russian Sputnik V cost Br140 (approx. $55), while Chinese Vero Cell – Br250 (approx. $100).

From July 15th to December 31st, foreigners can visit Belarus without a visa if they come for vaccination purposes. They can stay in the country for no more than 5 days. A negative PCR test is required to cross the border.

Vaccination of foreign citizens is available at more than fifty healthcare institutions. Applications can be submitted via