Posted: 16.12.2021 12:35:00

Healthcare Ministry issued permit for import and use of CoviVac vaccine

Belarus’ Healthcare Ministry has issued a permit for import and use of the CoviVac vaccine against coronavirus infection – as reported by the Healthcare Ministry


As noted, this inactivated, whole-virionic, concentrated, purified vaccine – produced by Chumakov Federal Scientific Centre for Research and Development of Immune-and-Biological Products of Russian Academy of Sciences – is aimed to prevent and eliminate consequences of epidemic diseases. The documents submitted by the manufacturer have passed an expert review. They fully comply with the Belarusian legislation and have been positively assessed.

The Healthcare Ministry explains that the CoviVac vaccine was developed in line with the same principle as the classic vaccines against smallpox, polio, measles and other viruses. Scientists stress the CoviVac vaccine is usually better tolerated than Sputnik V.

The vaccine was registered in Russia in late February 2021. It is based on the SARS-CoV-2 inactivated virus; the same platform is used in Chinese Sinopharm and Sinovac as well. By the way, the Sinopharm vaccine is now widely used in Belarus.