Posted: 26.04.2024 11:38:00

NBC: Biden will lose support of Muslims living in the US at presidential elections in November

Some activists and leaders of major Muslim organisations in the United States will not support President Joe Biden in the upcoming presidential elections after the House of Representatives of the US Congress approved a bill on military assistance to Israel, TASS reports


According to NBC forecasts, many Muslim Americans have already become enraged by the Biden administration for supporting Israel's actions in the Gaza Strip. They now call Joe Biden's likely signing of an aid package to Israel, which is going through Congress, a ‘point of no return’ and an ‘absolute disaster’.

According to Robert McCaw, the Government Affairs Department Director at the Council on American-Islamic Relations, if the American leader signs a package of bills, including assistance to Israel, as he intends to, ‘that heartless decision could mark the point of no return for what remains of the White House's relationship with the American Muslim community and other Americans opposed to the genocide in Gaza’.

NBC emphasised that such a situation can play a major role in the US presidential elections in the states where Joe Biden won by a small margin in the 2020 elections. The broadcaster also recalled that the US leader continues to speak at public events, where he encounters anti-war protesters who interrupt his speeches. For example, at one of the events in March, he admitted that he saw ‘common sense’ in the position of the protesting supporters of Gaza, who interrupted his speech. Joe Biden then began to increasingly often remind about the need to send more humanitarian aid to Gaza.