Posted: 26.04.2024 11:18:00

PM: Belarus focusing on work within SCO

Belarus aims to work within the framework of the Shanghai Co-operation Organisation (SCO) – as stated by Prime Minister Roman Golovchenko in his talk with the Belarus 1 TV channel

Speaking about the SCO and the BRICS, Belarus’ Prime Minister noted, “Such associations have emerged because existing international organisations cannot or do not want to satisfy the request of countries that were previously classified as developing, but today act as the locomotives of the global economy and politics. A few decades ago, these countries increasingly raised the issue of the need to reform existing international institutions, such as the UN, the UN Security Council, etc. Unfortunately, the necessary solution was not found.”

“Countries that began to feel their strength, economic influence, and the huge human potential concentrated inside began to think that they should look for another tool to regulate processes and confront, among other things, the hegemony of certain states and neocolonialism. Therefore, associations have emerged that are still at the stage of forming their identity and are doing it very dynamically: the BRICS, the SCO, and the Non-Aligned Movement... They have different tasks, but they are united by the desire to find harmonious coexistence in a multipolar world and not depend on the pressure and hegemony of some centres of power. Belarus, of course, wants to integrate into these processes, and it succeeds in this. The fact that we are completing the SCO membership procedures fairly quickly indicates that we are welcome there, that we are ready to be there, and that the leaders of this bloc share our vision of international processes. Within the BRICS framework, we liaise in the work of those institutions that have already been established. The process of creating the BRICS has not yet been completed. Increasing number of new countries are talking about their participation in it. We are watching this. We share the BRICS values and, perhaps, at some point we will become members of this association. But for now, we are concentrating on our work within the SCO framework,” the Head of Government added.