Posted: 13.02.2023 11:11:00

Belarus scales up production of cancer vaccine

Belarus is scaling up the production of the so-called cancer vaccine – as reported by BelTA with reference to the Healthcare Ministry’s press service

The Healthcare Ministry explained that during the research, the vaccine showed the world’s best results in the treatment of patients with highly malignant tumours with metastases.

This insidious and changeable disease with the ability to evolve is ranked second in the world in terms of mortality. Over the years of research, scientists have made great progress in finding an effective treatment, but work continues.

“Belarus has a well-functioning system of oncological care. New methods for screening, diagnosing and treating malignant tumours are constantly being developed, and the best achievements in providing medical care to cancer patients are being introduced,” the Healthcare Ministry said.

For example, since 2011, the country has been screening for malignant neoplasms in four areas: cervical, prostate, breast and colorectal cancer. This special programme helps either to detect a tumour at an early stage, or to establish a pre-cancerous condition. As a result, against the background of the incidence of oncological pathology, mortality from this disease in the country is significantly reduced.

Moreover, the number of patients who have been observed for more than five years has increased in the country. “This is a fairly significant indicator, showing that cancer is treatable. In addition, in 2020-2021, the number of detected malignant tumours decreased by 25 percent,” the press service said.