Finland set new record for obtaining citizenship by late 2023

By late 2023, Finland registered a new record for ... According to Statistics Finland, interest in the Finnish passport ... with two nationalities lived in Finland.

Finland , citizenship

Media: Finland to sign agreement with Ukraine on long-term military support

Finland's President Alexander Stubb will ... visit of the leader of Finland to Ukraine. The date of ... reported. It is noted that Finland is going to commit itself ...

Finland , Ukraine

Media: Ukraine conflict one of reasons causing wave of resignations by Finland’s army reservists

... , has become very common in Finland after Defence Minister Antti H ... . Mikko Reijonen, the Head of Finland’s Civilian Service Centre, noted ...

Finland , Ukraine

Finnish Ministry of the Interior proposes to reduce payments to refugees who fled the country to save money

... seekers who had arrived in Finland across the border with Russia ... authorities, these people had left Finland for other EU countries.

Finland , refugees

Finland to tighten permanent residence permit rules

... . The period of residence in Finland to obtain a document will ...


Finland allocated €190m to Ukraine as part of 22nd military aid package

... of financial support provided by Finland to Ukraine has reached 1 ... made by the President of Finland, Sauli Niinisto, at the suggestion ...

Finland , Ukraine , financial aid

Finland will not place US nuclear weapons on its territory

... for US nuclear weapons in Finland, as NATO itself provides nuclear ... , Antti Petteri Orpo added that Finland is carefully preparing to participate ... desire to join the programme. Finland became a NATO member on ...


Finland to increase period of residence required for citizenship to 8 years

... holding a residence permit in Finland. The ministry stressed that the ...


Finland continues to be transit country for nuclear fuel from Russia

Finland continues to transit Russian nuclear ... when the land border between Finland and Russia was almost completely ...

Finland , russia , nuclear fuel

Finns said their national economy deteriorated

... 73 percent of consumers in Finland believe that the economic situation ... that the economic situation in Finland is worse now than a ...

Finland , economy , crisis

Finnish authorities propose returning refugees from border back to Russia

... located on the border between Finland and Russia back to the ... move to other regions of Finland. In case of a negative ... their country of origin. Previously, Finland closed all automobile checkpoints on ...

Finland , Russia , refugees , border

US to get access to 15 military bases in Finland

The United States and Finland have signed a bilateral agreement on defence co-operation, TASS reports Photo: According to the agreement, the US troops will have access to 15 military bases in Finland. It is reported that the ceremony – broadcast by the Department of State website – was attended by US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, Finnish Defence Minister Antti Heikkinen, and Finnish Foreign Minister Elina Valtonen.

usa , Finland

Finland registered record number of company bankruptcies over past 25 years

... ,293 company insolvencies registered in Finland – the highest number in the ... ö, a senior statistician at Statistics Finland, said the number of bankruptcy ... number of bankruptcy proceedings in Finland was instigated in the service ...

Finland , bankruptcy

Finland to produce artillery ammunition for Ukraine

Finland will start producing artillery ammunition ... further increase the readiness of Finland and the Nordic countries to ...

Finland , Ukraine

Lukashenko congratulated people of Finland on Independence Day

... , has congratulated the people of Finland on Independence Day, the Belarusian ... President wished the people of Finland peace, success and prosperity.

Lukashenko , Finland , congratulation

Finland said it has no intention to deploy nuclear weapons, even as NATO member

Finland intends to remain a nuclear- ... Finnish Defence Minister noted that Finland will not interfere with the ... general it is clear that Finland should not, on its own ... ,” Antti Häkkänen said. Finland officially joined the North Atlantic ...

Finland , nuclear weapons , NATO

President of Finland urges Western countries to maintain relations with Russia

Western countries should find a way to maintain relations with Moscow – as stated by Finnish President Sauli Niinisto, RIA Novosti reports Photo: In an interview with The New York Times, the Finnish leader noted that, after the end of the Ukrainian conflict, it will still be necessary to establish trusting relations with Russia – to be sure that ‘a new war is not waiting outside the door’. Mr. Niinisto also believes that the countries supplying weapons to Ukraine should pay ...

Finland , west , russia

Finland urged EU states to increase their defence spending

Finnish Foreign Minister Elina Valtonen said her country will keep defence spending at least 2 percent of GDP for many years, also urging other EU countries to increase their defence spending, RIA Novosti reports Photo: Elina Valtonen said, “Finland wants to set an example and force European countries to invest more in their own defence. Europe must take greater responsibility for its own security – together with our American allies.”


Russian Defence Ministry: Finland can deploy long-range NATO weapons on its territory

... weapons on the territory of Finland, RIA Novosti reports Photo: www ...

finland , NATO

Biden to visit Finland, UK, Lithuania on July 9th-13th

US President Joe Biden will make several foreign visits in July, RIA Novosti reports Photo: The White House has reported on the US leader’s plans to pay foreign visits from July 9th to July 13th. Mr. Biden is expected to visit London first, where he will meet with British Prime Minister Rishi Sudak, as well as King Charles III. The parties are expected to discuss further strengthening of bilateral relations between the two countries. On July 11 th -12 th , the US President will ...

Biden , usa , UK , lithuania , Finland

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