Politico: EU prosecutors launch investigation against Ursula von der Leyen over vaccine case

... with the role of the EC Head in the vaccine talks ...

EU , EC , Ursula von der Leyen , Pfizer , vaccine

EU airlines seek to change flight routes to reduce emissions

European airlines are planning to change the routes of their airliners in order to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, with plans being developed as part of the European Commission’s Single European Sky (SES) initiative, TASS reports It is noted that airlines do not often use the most efficient routes between the two airports due to congestion in the airspace and the rules set by national air traffic controllers. As part of the SES initiative, airlines will be able to choose optimal routes that ...

EU , airlines , emissions , EC , aircraft

EC explained dependence between Ukraine and Middle East situation and EU economy

The ‘protracted’ crisis in Ukraine, as well as the conflict in the Middle East, increases instability and the likelihood of worsening economic prospects for the European Union, RIA Novosti reports photo: Information on the dependence was published on November 15th, in the European Commission’s autumn economic forecast. It also said that ‘uncertainty and downside risks to the economic outlook have increased in recent months amid the ongoing conflict in Ukraine and the escalating ...

EC , EU , economy , Ukraine , Middle east

Politico: EU called Ukraine a very corrupt country

Some in the European Union consider Ukraine a ‘very corrupt country’ – as noted by a Western European diplomat, whose identity is not disclosed, RIA Novosti reports photo: According to Politico, which cites a Western European diplomat, reports from the European Commission on the progress of EU candidate countries in fulfilling the conditions for joining the community will most likely be published later than planned, primarily against the backdrop of studying the situation in ...

EU , Ukraine , EC , corruption

Estonia to be first in EU to legalise the seizure of sanctioned Russian assets

... time, since last summer, the EC began active work to change ...

EC , EU , Estonia , Russia , frozen assets , sanctions

European Commission sued two EU countries

... to the European Court. The EC clarifies that it sent an ...

ec , eu , Bulgaria , slovakia

EC Head announced 10th package of sanctions against Russia

The Head of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, noted that the EU plans to introduce the tenth package of sanctions against Russia, CNN reports Photo: Von der Leyen explained that the tenth package of sanctions will be aimed at eliminating loopholes in the previously taken measures against Russia. She added that new restrictions should help avoid the circumvention of EU sanctions, since the new package will envisage the appropriate consequences in this matter. ...

ec , eu , russia , sanctions

EC calculated Ukraine’s losses during special operation

... civilians – as informed by the EC Head, Ursula von der Leyen ...

ec , eu , Ukraine

EC allocated €210m to food crisis-prone countries

... meet their growing needs,” the EC statement reads. Financial assistance will ... , Somalia, Yemen, and Venezuela. The EC stressed that the EU's ...

european union , ec

EC says European Union no longer has money to help Ukraine

... up to 8bn Euros, the EC representative noted that any new ... member states. According to the EC representative, it is not a ...

ec , ukraine , EU

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