Ecuador to fight corruption with AI help

... use artificial intelligence to fight corruption, TASS reports Photo: www.pixabay ... its aim is to fight corruption in government agencies.

Ecuador , ai , corruption

Gerasimov: fight against corruption is one of Belarus’ national priorities

... organisations discussed issues of combating corruption. Vasily Gerasimov reported on progress ... to the fight against corruption, noting that corruption is a major socio ... noted that the fight against corruption has been identified as one ... necessary institutional mechanisms to combat corruption have been created. Close attention ... paid to the prevention of corruption offenses and manifestations. Constant work ... the sphere of suppressing corruption crimes. Earlier, anti-corruption issues were discussed ...

Belarus , China , Gerasimov , State Control Committee , corruption

MP: anything can be bought from Polish authorities, as everything is corrupt and stolen

... !” The MP also noted the corruption of the Polish authorities, for ...

poland , corruption , gaidukevich , opinion

Politico: EU called Ukraine a very corrupt country

... Zelenskyy’s proposal to equate corruption with treason for the period ... progress’ in the fight against corruption.

EU , Ukraine , EC , corruption

Agent Zelensky.The history of an unprecedented deception

Recently, American political analyst and former US Marine Corps intelligence officer Scott Ritter published two episodes of his Agent Zelensky investigation. The film, clearly designed for a Western audience, turned out to be so scandalous and evidence-based that both series were immediately removed from the American YouTube video hosting. Scott Ritter How the producer was produced Most of the facts cited by Ritter were known to us before in a fragmented form, but the former intelligence ...

investigation , Scott Ritter , Agent Zelensky , deception , corruption , manipulation

Expert said about colossal corruption in Ukraine

... conditions for the implementation of corruption schemes,” said Spiridon Kilinkarov. The ... believes that the scale of corruption in Ukraine is even greater ... . “I think the scale of corruption is much more than $40mm ... partners are working in these corruption schemes. They are directly involved ... is actually assimilated through certain corruption schemes and returned to the ...

Ukraine , corruption

Media: corruption in UK public sector quadrupled during coronavirus pandemic

The corruption scales in the British public ... , said that the fight against corruption in the provision of state ...

uk , economy , corruption

The land of the burning hats

... declares that there is no corruption in Ukraine, because... ‘many corrupt ... see anything reprehensible in the corruption mess that is happening in ... that the Ukrainian fighters against corruption have reached is the data ... example, in 2021, in the corruption perception rating compiled by specialists ... commit. As you can see, corruption is firmly ingrained in the ...

Ukraine , corruption

Orban calls for European Parliament to be dissolved because of corruption scandal

... of the outbreak of a corruption scandal, TASS reports. Photo: www ... connection with the investigation of corruption in the European Parliament, which ...

Hungary , Europe , European Parliament , corruption

Corruption as the essence

... 122nd place in the world corruption rating, and only then make ... no right to talk about corruption. Back in October last year ... Guided Missiles The virus of corruption has also penetrated deep into ...

Ukraine , Corruption

Belarus is the CIS least corruption state

Corruption crimes are quite rare in ... of the Department for Combating Corruption and Organised Crime at the ... explained the reason for low corruption figures in Belarus, “There are ... no systemic corruption manifestations in the country, especially ... , organisational, practical and other anti-corruption mechanisms available in Belarus has ... made it possible to minimise corruption crime cases, and they do ... is viewed as the least corruption state in the CIS’.

Prosecutor General’s Office , cis , corruption

Corruption must be eradicated

... work and strategy to combat corruption in Belarus which is viewed ... programme to combat crime and corruption which is being realised in ... Office. “Our efforts to fight corruption are positively appreciated domestically and ... the adoption of our anti-corruption law, the Republic has improved ... to develop a national anti-corruption strategy up to 2030. It ... and the best foreign anti-corruption practices and aims to ensure ... a systematic counteraction to corruption by eliminating its underlying causes ...

corruption , law

Anti-corruption agenda of CIS Executive Committee

Minsk hosts CIS Interstate Anti-Corruption Council regular session The video meeting with participation of prosecutors general from Belarus, Russia, Armenia, the Kyrgyz Republic, their colleagues from Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, representatives of the CIS Executive Committee and guests from Moldova focuses on the practice of combating corruption, topical problems and ways of their settlement, international co-operation in detecting corruption offenses, including non-criminal cases, and other issues.

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