Posted: 23.12.2022 17:04:00

Orban calls for European Parliament to be dissolved because of corruption scandal

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban proposed to abolish the European Parliament and create a new one, which will include only ‘national deputies’. The politician made such a statement in the light of the outbreak of a corruption scandal, TASS reports.


Viktor Orban called this situation indicative.

“If we want to restore public confidence, it’s time to dissolve the European Parliament,” the Hungarian PM said.

According to him, this condition will guarantee greater control, accountability and trust.

“Return control to the EU member states,” Viktor Orban added.

In early winter, the Belgian government carried out a series of arrests and searches in Brussels in connection with the investigation of corruption in the European Parliament, which is associated with the holding of the World Cup in Qatar. Greek politician Eva Kaili and her partner were arrested.