11,700+ Belarusian settlements destroyed by Nazis during WWII, the list being updated

... their inhabitants Thanks to the investigation, the prosecutors managed to additionally ... the results obtained during the investigation of the criminal case and ...

genocide , Great Patriotic War , history , investigation

Agent Zelensky.The history of an unprecedented deception

... episodes of his Agent Zelensky investigation. The film, clearly designed for ... did Scott Ritter call his investigation Agent Zelensky? Finally, what tasks ... in Ritter’s film. The investigation of the ex-intelligence officer ... only in May 2023). The investigation reveals the background of such ... Vatican. Mission accomplished! Ritter’s investigation will be useful to watch ... decades. Scott Ritter finalises his investigation this way, “Agent Zelensky has ...

investigation , Scott Ritter , Agent Zelensky , deception , corruption , manipulation

Charity organisation suspected Madonna of child trafficking

... precautionary measure until a thorough investigation is done into child trafficking ... as a reason for an investigation. According to them, Madonna used ... 's foundation activities while the investigation is in progress.

usa , charity , madonna , investigation

Playing against safety rules

Have you noticed how fast the EU agreed with the recent shameful conclusions of the ICAO about the landing of a RyanAir plane in our country because of the bomb report on May 23rd last year? It is clear who benefits from this. However, what do real people (and not mythical creatures) who were related to those events say about this, and what is happening with our civil aviation in general? ICAO promiscuous liaisons Artyom Sikorsky “Everyone has already forgotten how it started: no sooner had the ...

RyanAir , ICAO , aviation , investigation

Belarus, Russia discuss co-operation in combating crime

... the Chairman of Russia’s Investigative Committee, Alexander Bastrykin, has ... Deputy Chairman of the Belarusian Investigative Committee, Oleg Shandarovich, emphasised ... were pressing issues of criminal investigation, especially extremist and cybercrimes, ... the newly established department for investigation of cybercrimes and crimes in ... high technologies in the Russian Investigative Committee. An agreement was reached ... positive experience and practice of investigating crimes committed in the virtual ...

russia , investigation , Co-operation

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