Posted: 25.10.2023 15:19:00

WHO does not rule out the emergence of new pandemics

Hypothetically, a pandemic like the coronavirus could happen again, so all states, without exception, should strengthen anti-epidemic control – as stated by WHO Regional Director for Europe Hans Kluge, RIA Novosti reports


The 73rd session of the WHO Regional Committee for Europe is taking place in Astana, attended by healthcare ministers and experts from over fifty countries. Forum participants intend to set the healthcare agenda for the coming years on several issues, particularly, regarding health emergencies, workforce, antimicrobial resistance, refugee and migrant health.

“All countries must strengthen their [anti-epidemic] control and supervision. We’re concerned that the level of control is being reduced in many countries. We need to raise it. We need to monitor the [quality] of water, we must work hard on air quality... Of course, it is possible that there will be a second pandemic [similar to COVID-19] at some point in time. The question is not where or when, but whether we are better prepared this time,” said Hans Kluge during a conversation with press representatives on the sidelines of the session.

At the same time, he pointed out the importance of countries’ solidarity in confronting pandemics and sharing experience in the field of diagnosis, treatment and vaccination.

“Countries should not keep vaccines, they should share and exchange them. It is very important to share diagnosis and treatment,” noted the WHO Regional Director for Europe.