Interia: EU losing 600bn Euros a year due to mass depression

... Ukraine and the COVID-19 pandemic. As the publication writes, depression ...

EU , Ukraine , pandemic , depression

WHO does not rule out the emergence of new pandemics

Hypothetically, a pandemic like the coronavirus could happen ... there will be a second pandemic [similar to COVID-19] at ... of countries’ solidarity in confronting pandemics and sharing experience in the ...

WHO , pandemic , healthcare

WHO hopes there will be no new coronavirus pandemic

... that a new COVID-19 pandemic will be avoided. As Hungarian ... the resumption of the coronavirus pandemic, which almost the entire world ... the coronavirus outbreak as a pandemic. According to the organisation, at ...

WHO , pandemic , coronavirus

Russian Defence Ministry: US working over new pandemic

The US Office of Pandemic Preparedness and Response Policy is ... creating a new pandemic through virus mutations – as stated ... situation, and the Office for Pandemic Preparedness and Response Policy was ... to prepare for a new pandemic through the search for mutations ...

usa , russia , pandemic

Enemy that is always ready to attack

... to military. The COVID-19 pandemic, which has claimed millions of ... eve of the COVID-19 pandemic, American military biologists conducted the ... officially registered victims of the pandemic in the world amounted to ... years of the COVID-19 pandemic, but they are comparable to ... , the world has experienced the pandemics of SARS (2003), H1N1 swine ... results of the COVID-19 pandemic, the active work of the ... .5 percent chance of a pandemic as deadly as COVID-19 ...

Biological security , pandemic

WHO expects surge in COVID-19 cases

... coronavirus infection COVID-19 a pandemic. More than 590 million people ... since the start of the pandemic, according to current WHO data ...

WHO , COVID-19 , pandemic

WHO Chief called on world to return to masks and mass testing for COVID-19

... and treatment protocols. The coronavirus pandemic is ‘not even close to ...

WHO , coronavirus , pandemic

WHO says the world will not be ready for new pandemic

... not ready for a new pandemic now – as stated by the ... be learned from the coronavirus pandemic. According to Mr. Ghebreyesus, this ... way to prevent a new pandemic. “By the way, we are ... in the middle of the pandemic. The world is not ready ... another virus hits, a new pandemic starts, we still will not ...

who , pandemic

WHO recommends further investigation into coronavirus leak theory

... the ancestral strains to the pandemic virus had a zoonotic origin ... in the spread of the pandemic. However, the source of SARS ...

WHO , coronavirus , pandemic

Is more dangerous pandemic than COVID possible?

... soon face much more dangerous pandemics than coronavirus infection. We have ... epidemiologist to learn more. “All pandemics and large-scale epidemics in ... most possible features of future pandemics are already known: viral aetiology ... and character of a new pandemic, there is definitely a probability ... the prevention of a new pandemic,” he added.

epidemiology , pandemic

Simple ways to boost immunity

... immune system against the coronavirus pandemic, reports Photo: www ...

diet , immunity , pandemic

Belarusian path in fighting pandemic yields results, Lukashenko asserts

... were lucky. The last year pandemic inspired us to choose our ...

Lukashenko , pandemic

Belarus ready to participate in development of new international document on pandemics

... a new international document on pandemics – as reported by the Healthcare ... of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic with its devastating consequences for ... ) on preparedness and response to pandemics in the field of public ... of an international document on pandemics," Mr. Pinevich said, assuring ...

pinevich , healthcare ministry , pandemic

Ulakhovich: Europeans interested in Belarus' experience

... learned to work in a pandemic and without restrictions,” Mr. Ulakhovich ... manage to live through the pandemic without a lockdown and stopping ... in the context of the pandemic, technological innovations as engines of ...

europe , belarus , pandemic

Pandemic related information must be truthful

All information on the pandemic should be truthful and provide ... : “The coronavirus pandemic is perhaps the first case ... Minister added that, during the pandemic, many fake news has emerged ...

pandemic , information , media

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