Japan’s ex-PM: Swiss-hosted Ukraine summit is not about peace

... upcoming summit on Ukraine in Switzerland, RIA Novosti reports photo: www ...

Switzerland , Ukraine

Switzerland simplified procedures for army participation in EU military missions

... .com It is noted that Switzerland is interested ‘in promoting peace ... missions’. It is clarified that Switzerland is not obliged to participate ...

Switzerland , army , EU

Switzerland to earmark $11m for Gaza population needs

The Swiss Federal Council (government) decided to allocate 10m Swiss Francs (about $11m) for the needs of the population of the Gaza Strip, TASS reports photo: www.reuters.com It is noted that the Swiss government has decided to allocate this money in response to an appeal for humanitarian assistance sent by UNRWA. It is reported that the contribution is intended exclusively for Gaza ‘to cover urgent needs addressed by UNRWA between April and December 2024’. The Swiss government will submit ...

Switzerland , Gaza Strip , UN , famine

Switzerland taking part in NATO-organised cyber security exercises in Estonia

Switzerland, which is not a member ... focus. About 70 people from Switzerland are participating in Locked Shields ...

Switzerland , nato , cybersecurity

Bloomberg: national security advisers to discuss Ukraine situation in Qatar later this week

A meeting of national security advisers will be organised in Qatar at the end of this week to discuss the settlement of the conflict in Ukraine before the Swiss high-level conference scheduled for June, TASS reports PHOTO: WWW.RIA.RU According to Bloomberg, representatives of the G7 countries and the Global South will participate in the event, but the final list has not yet been finalised. Russia has not been invited, and China's participation remains unclear. On April 10th, Swiss President ...

Qatar , Ukraine , Switzerland , Russia

Independent observer: level of voting observation in Belarus much higher than in Switzerland

... by an independent observer from Switzerland, Wilhelm Wyss, during his visit ... operate during election campaigns in Switzerland. However, the level of responsibility ...

Belarus , elections , single voting day , Switzerland , observer

China ready to develop co-operation with Switzerland

China intends to work with Switzerland to deepen mutual trust and ... is ready to work with Switzerland to follow the important strategic ... contacts and co-ordination with Switzerland in jointly solving global problems ...

china , Switzerland

‘Disease X’, 20 times deadlier than COVID, to be discussed in Switzerland

At the World Economic Forum (WEF), is held in the Swiss city of Davos from January 15th-19th, 2024, it is planned to discuss ‘disease X’, which can be 20 times deadlier than the coronavirus pandemic, RIA Novosti reports photo: www.reuters.com The WHO has reportedly warned of an unknown ‘disease X’ that could cause more deaths than the coronavirus pandemic. The World Economic Forum will discuss the efforts needed to prepare health systems for the many challenges ahead. It is noted that WHO ...

WHO , Switzerland , COVID , disease X

Media: laws will come into force in late 2024 to facilitate actions of US troops in Sweden

Dagens Nyheter publication reported that Sweden and the United States have completed negotiations on a military co-operation agreement, and it will give Americans access to Swedish military bases, TASS reports Photo: www.reuters.com The head of the Swedish delegation said that the recent scheduled negotiation session with the United States had been very productive. The Sweden-US dialogue was developing since January 2023. It is reported that, at the end of 2024, laws will come into force that ...

Switzerland , usa

Media: Switzerland checking reports of alleged arms supplies to Ukraine

... the Polish company UMO SP. Switzerland continues to remain neutral and ... sign re-export declarations from Switzerland. “This issue is under investigation ...

Switzerland , Ukraine , Poland , arms supply

Swiss party opposed extension of protective status for Ukrainian refugees

... granted to Ukrainian refugees in Switzerland will lead to even greater ... about 14 times larger than Switzerland) not affected by the war ...

Switzerland , Ukraine

Expert from Switzerland: conference on Eurasian security is first opportunity for East and West to talk

The high-level international Eurasian Security: Reality and Prospects in Transforming World conference, which is taking place these days in Minsk, is the first step towards building relations between East and West – as stated by a Swiss political scientist, a deputy of the Grand Council of the Regional Parliament of Geneva, Guy Mettan “Representatives of Western Europe and the United States are present here [in Minsk]. In fact, over the past two years, this is the first opportunity for all of us ...

security conference , west , east , expert , Switzerland

Swissinfo: Switzerland ready to pay Ukrainian refugees to go home

Switzerland may begin paying Ukrainian refugees ... .com According to the publication, Switzerland is ready to pay Ukrainian ... ,000 people, they fear in Switzerland, will not dare to leave ...

Switzerland , Ukraine , refugees

Swiss National Bank: negative consequences of Ukrainian conflict for Europe likely to double

A study by the Swiss National Bank says that the negative consequences of the conflict in Ukraine for Europe will double in a year or two, TASS reports PHOTO: WWW.REUTERS.COM “The negative consequences of the war are likely to be far greater in the medium-to-long term. In one or two years, this effect is likely to be approximately twice as large,” the study reads. It is also noted that these negative consequences are already evident. According to the bank's calculations, if it were not for ...

Ukraine , europe , Switzerland

Switzerland refused re-export of arms to Ukraine

... to re-export weapons from Switzerland to countries involved in military ...

Switzerland , Ukraine , weapons , export

Lukashenko reaffirmed readiness to liaise with Switzerland on the principles of equality and mutual respect

... “The history of Belarus and Switzerland is inextricably linked with their ... about the current trends in Switzerland, which negatively affect the development ... and the multinational people of Switzerland further prosperity and well-being ...

Lukashenko , Switzerland , congratulation

Switzerland, NATO discuss possible opening of alliance office in Geneva

Switzerland has taken note of the ... Elchinger Photo: www.reuters.com “Switzerland has taken note of NATO ...

Switzerland , NATO

Switzerland approved law on re-exports of weapons to countries involved in armed conflicts

The Upper House of the Swiss Parliament has approved an amendment to the law that allows re-exports of weapons to countries involved in military conflicts, gazeta.ru reports Photo: www.pixabay.com It is informed that 22 parliamentarians voted in favour, 17 against, four people abstained. The document – posted on the Upper House’s website – reads, “Countries buying Swiss military equipment should be allowed, under certain conditions, to re-export it to countries involved in armed conflicts.& ...

Switzerland , weapons

Media: Switzerland dismantles Rapier air defence systems that could be sent to Ukraine

Switzerland has started recycling sixty serviceable ... Office for Defence Procurement of Switzerland, noted, the first batch of ... future. According to the source, Switzerland bought British Rapiers back in ...

Switzerland , uk , Ukraine

UBS-Credit Suisse merger may lead to massive layoffs

Switzerland’s biggest bank, UBS, has ... functions of Credit Suisse in Switzerland, abolish branches and reduce the ...

Switzerland , banks , layoff

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