Posted: 11.06.2024 15:58:00

Japan’s ex-PM: Swiss-hosted Ukraine summit is not about peace

A conference at which only one of the parties to the conflict is represented is not aimed at peace – as noted by former Japanese PM Yukio Hatoyama, commenting on the upcoming summit on Ukraine in Switzerland, RIA Novosti reports


The peace summit on Ukraine is scheduled to take place on June 15th-16th at the Bürgenstock resort, near the city of Lucerne. A number of countries have already stated that they are not going to participate in this event. Russia won’t be present either.

“If this is a peace conference, then until both participating countries join (it), peace will not be achieved. As it is, this is a peace conference of the support group,” Hatoyama believes.

According to him, such a meeting will not contribute to building peace. Moreover, it can lead to a prolongation of the Ukrainian conflict.

“The most important thing is for both countries – Ukraine and Russia – to seriously discuss and make efforts to end hostilities as soon as possible. There is no Russia at the conference, there is no China. A peace conference with only one side is not peaceful in the true sense of the word,” the politician added.