Posted: 08.05.2024 16:16:00

Switzerland to earmark $11m for Gaza population needs

The Swiss Federal Council (government) decided to allocate 10m Swiss Francs (about $11m) for the needs of the population of the Gaza Strip, TASS reports


It is noted that the Swiss government has decided to allocate this money in response to an appeal for humanitarian assistance sent by UNRWA.

It is reported that the contribution is intended exclusively for Gaza ‘to cover urgent needs addressed by UNRWA between April and December 2024’.

The Swiss government will submit the decision for approval to the foreign policy commissions of the Federal Assembly (parliament). The government believes that in the Gaza Strip, ‘2.3 million people, including 1.7 million internally displaced people, are dependent on emergency aid’, while the UN ‘warns of an imminent risk of famine’. UNRWA representatives appealed to the international community in April to provide humanitarian aid for Gaza in the amount of ‘about 1bn Francs’.