Belarus' Permanent Representative to UN: sanctions indicate economic terrorism and attempt to strangle entire nations

... lead to bad harvest and famine in certain countries and even ... lead to bad harvest and famine in certain countries and even ...

rybakov , un , belarus , sanctions , famine

Ukrainian troops striking at agricultural facilities to cause famine in Zaporozhye

... months in order to cause famine in the area and force ...

zaporozhye , Ukraine , famine

Threat of global famine is real

... whether a threat of global famine is real. Photo: www.pexels ...

famine , opinion

Expert predicts famine in Europe after abnormal heat

One of the main drought problems in Europe is that 70 percent of all water is used in agriculture – as noted by Sergei Kravtsov, Deputy Chairman of the Standing Commission on Agrarian Policy of the House of Representatives “Today, it takes 10 tonnes of water to produce a tonne of wheat, and 30 times more tonnes of milk,” he added. “Even a decrease in the gross harvest of wheat – fraught with a 50 percent increase in the cost of products – is not the last misfortune for the Europeans. No wonder ...

Europe , drought , famine

UN Secretary General calls for return of Russian food to world markets

... of the world can avoid famine if food from Russia and ... stressed that humanity may face famine in many regions this year ...

un , russia , famine

Millions of Africans will face food crisis because of West

Due to the threat of famine, millions of Africans will go ...

africa , europe , famine

West should better think of how to avoid famine in Europe rather than how to damage Russia

... world markets The expert believes famine is coming in the world ... to avoid the threat of famine. “Several main tasks should be ...

west , famine , gigin , opinion

Volodin: Washington wants to create man-made famine in Ukraine

... possible by arranging man-made famine in Ukraine – as noted by ... of the approaching man-made famine can be traced in Washington ... possible by arranging man-made famine in Ukraine,” Mr. Volodin stressed ...

usa , Ukraine , famine

Europeans warned of possible famine due to anti-Russian sanctions

... grain supplies might result in famine across Europe, BelTA reports with ...

famine , europe , grain

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