Posted: 06.12.2023 16:48:00

Media: laws will come into force in late 2024 to facilitate actions of US troops in Sweden

Dagens Nyheter publication reported that Sweden and the United States have completed negotiations on a military co-operation agreement, and it will give Americans access to Swedish military bases, TASS reports


The head of the Swedish delegation said that the recent scheduled negotiation session with the United States had been very productive. The Sweden-US dialogue was developing since January 2023.

It is reported that, at the end of 2024, laws will come into force that will facilitate the actions of American troops in Sweden. According to the agreement, the United States will have conditions for storing military equipment, such as combat vehicles, ammunition and weapons systems. Americans will also get access to some Swedish military bases; their names will become known after the DCA signing by the governments of Sweden and the United States before the beginning of 2024.